The thesis of this course is that pop culture, especially pop culture that is ‘speculative’ in some way (e.g., fantasy and science fiction), gives us a special access to the ways we make sense of the world in our every day lives.  By pushing to the limits such issues as subjectivity, temporality, and representation, the speculative fiction that has largely defined blockbuster film in the contemporary market can uncover the ways ideology, narrative, and epistemology function on a day-to-day basis. In other words, the course takes both speculative fiction and pop culture seriously, and it will consequently be dealing with a number of “serious” issues that concern us in our contemporary culture:  postmodernism, the disciplinary mechanisms of modern culture, politics and power, and late capitalism.



1st Paper Due Oct 13

2nd Paper Due Nov 22

ENGL 373H: The Theory of SF&F

INSTRUCTOR         : Prof. Felluga

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