Class Policies
Dr. D. F. Felluga,
Purdue University

ATTENDANCE [from Latin, attendere : to stretch toward]:

CLASS PARTICIPATION [class, germanic, kla/kela : to shout, roar]:

Dialogue is the only path to knowledge; here we do it verbally and I do expect you to roar, or at least speak. I believe in an interactive classroom in which we learn from each other and respect (although not necessarily agree with) the opinions of others. Remember: if you count the Trial of Satan, 20% of the grade will be given on the basis of your class participation.

ESSAYS [from latin, exigere : to weigh out, examine]:

Your paper should be the correct length, typed and double-spaced, with conventional 1-inch margins and conventional font size. Always keep a hard copy or duplicate for your own protection. Your essays will be scholarly and thoughtful examinations of topics chosen from those to be provided.

LATE PAPERS [late, Old English, lettan : to hinder, impede]:

The task of learning to write scholarly papers is impediment enough: do not hinder yourself further with the chronic illness of handing in late papers. I will allow a grace period of one week without penalty as long as you provide some excuse. Grades will be lowered a third of a grade per day following the grace period. In other words, three days late means one full grade reduction (an A becomes a B, a B becomes a C, etc.).

PLAGIARISM [from latin, plaga : net]:

Plagiarism is the undocumented use of another's words or ideas. The possible consequences include: failure for the paper, failure for the course, expulsion from Purdue, perdition! This net does not save but entraps you.