Primer for Star Trek

Star Trek is set in our future at a time when humans have, supposedly, resolved their differences (no racism, no sexism, etc.) and have created a multi-planet organization called the United Federation of Planets (24th century). They have also moved beyond capitalism, apparently: no money, everyone is given what he or she needs. The Federation exists alongside other multi-planet groups, including the Romulans (think Roman Empire: military strategists), the Klingons (a warrior society), the Cardassians (imperialist and totalitarian), and the Ferengi (driven by capitalist acquisition).





  Data is an android who is sometimes compared to Pinocchio, which is to say that he wants to be more human. He sometimes has problems with idiomatic expressions and he lacks the ability to experience emotions. Data is the science officer on the ship. Data’s identical twin, Lore (also played by Brent Spiner), is able to feel emotions but has proven to be an evil nemesis.
  Deanna Troi is betazoid, an empathic race that can sense emotions. She therefore functions as the ship’s counselor.
  Geordi La Forge, the Chief Engineer on the Enterprise, is blind but, because of his special visor, is able to see more detail than a regular human: he can “see” throughout the electromagnetic spectrum, from heat and infrared through visible light to radio waves.
  Worf is Klingon, which is to say that he has to struggle with his innate violent tendencies; however, when his family was killed by the Romulans in 2346 (he was 6 at the time), he was adopted by a human couple, who raised him as their own. He is the ship’s tactical officer.
  Wesley Crusher (the kid) is the son of the ship’s Chief Medical Officer (Beverly Crusher). He is a child genius.
  Guinan (Whoopi Goldberg) is a character we know little about, except that she is incredibly old (hundreds of years old). She also has a sense for correct “timelines” and temporal paradoxes. Her people were almost completely destroyed by the Borg. She also has a very close, as yet unexplained connection with Captain Picard. She is officially the civilian lounge hostess but she functions unofficially as another ship’s councilor.
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