Course Directives

  Discussion sections are considered a crucial part of the course and are, therefore, mandatory. Excessive absence (over three unexplained) will result in reduction of your participation grade. This is the time when you can deal most personally with the works we examine and can begin to engage in the practice of scholarly interpretation.
  Dialogue is the only path to knowledge. I believe in an interactive classroom in which we learn from each other and respect (although not necessarily agree with) the opinions of others. Remember: 20% of the grade will be given on the basis of your class participation.
  Your paper should be the correct length, typed and double-spaced, with conventional 1-inch margins and conventional 12-point font size. Always keep a hard copy or duplicate for your own protection. Your essays will be scholarly and thoughtful examinations of topics chosen from those provided.
  The task of learning to write scholarly papers is impediment enough: do not hinder yourself further with the chronic illness of handing in late papers. I will allow a grace period of one week without penalty as long as you provide some excuse. Grades will be lowered a third of a grade per day following the grace period. In other words, three days late means one full grade reduction (an A becomes a B, a B becomes a C, etc.).
  Plagiarism is the undocumented use of another's words or ideas. It is a crime that I take very seriously. If you are using someone’s ideas or words, you need to cite the source fully and properly. (That includes web site material.) Submitting someone else’s words as your own is the highest of academic crimes. The penalty for plagiarism is automatic failure for the course and disciplinary action from the university. I accept no excuses when it comes to this sort of act.
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