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Working Papers
Can Trade Policy Mitigate Climate Change? (Sep 2021), with Ahmad Lashkaripour
Trade, Technology, and Agricultural Productivity (Jun 2021), (NBER working paper), with Heitor Pellegrina, R&R at Journal of Political Economy
Trade Elasticities in General Equilibrium: Demand, Supply, and Aggregation (Jan 2022), with Anson Soderbery, R&R at Review of Economics and Statistics
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Gains from Trade and the Food Engel Curve (Feb 2022), with Chong Xiang and David Jinkins

Work in Progress
The Climate Cost of Trade, with Ahmad Lashkaripour
Deforestation: A Global and Dynamic Perspective, with Elliot Kang, Heitor Pellegrina, and Sebastian Sotelo
Trade, Technology Adoption, and Inequality in Distorted Economies, with Ahmad Lashkaripour and Heitor Pellegrina