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I am an applied microeconomist who uses experiments and game theory to understand human behavior.

I work at Purdue University, where I am the James Brooke Henderson Professor in the Department of Economics at the Daniels School of Business (formerly the Krannert School of Management). Before coming to Purdue, I worked at the University of Oxford and the University of Southampton. At Oxford, I was Associate Professor in the Department of Economics and the Roger Van Noorden Fellow at Hertford College.

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[20] Beliefs, learning, and personality in the indefinitely repeated prisoner's dilemma (with Yaroslav Rosokha)
American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, accepted. Working Paper CAGE WP with level-k

[19] The creativity premium: Exploring the link between childhood creativity and life outcomes (with Victoria Prowse)
Journal of Political Economy Microeconomics, accepted. Working Paper

[18] Strategic complexity and the value of thinking (with Victoria Prowse)
Economic Journal, 133(650), 761-786, 2023. DOI Working Paper

[17] Cognitive skills, strategic sophistication, and life outcomes (with Eduardo Fe and Victoria Prowse)
Journal of Political Economy, 130(10), 2643-2704, 2022. DOI Working Paper

[16] Using goals to motivate college students: Theory and evidence from field experiments (with Damon Clark, Mark Rush and Victoria Prowse)
Review of Economics and Statistics, 102(4), 648-663, 2020. DOI Working Paper

[15] First-place loving and last-place loathing: How rank in the distribution of performance affects effort provision (with Zdenka Kissova, Jaesun Lee and Victoria Prowse)
Management Science, 65(2), 494-507, 2019. DOI Working Paper

[14] Measuring costly effort using the slider task (with Victoria Prowse)
Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance, 21, 1-9, 2019. DOI Working Paper Web Appendix z-Tree code

[13] Cognitive ability, character skills, and learning to play equilibrium: A level-k analysis (with Victoria Prowse)
Journal of Political Economy, 126(4), 1619-1676, 2016. Paper Web Appendix

[12] Competition in posted prices with stochastic discounts (with John Thanassoulis)
Economic Journal, 126(594), 1528-1570, 2016. DOI Working Paper

[11] Desert and inequity aversion in teams (with Rebecca Stone)
Journal of Public Economics, 123, 42-54, 2015. DOI Working paper

[10] Gender differences and dynamics in competition: The role of luck (with Victoria Prowse)
Quantitative Economics, 5(2), 351-376, 2014. Paper

[9] Cheating in the workplace: An experimental study of the impact of bonuses and productivity (with Victoria Prowse and Michael Vlassopoulos)
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 96, 120-134, 2013. DOI Working paper

[8] A structural analysis of disappointment aversion in a real effort competition (with Victoria Prowse)
American Economic Review, 102(1), 469-503, 2012. Paper Web Appendix

[7] The optimal choice of pre-launch reviewer (with Daniel Sgroi)
Journal of Economic Theory, 147(3), 1247-1260, 2012. DOI Working paper

[6] Fairness and desert in tournaments (with Rebecca Stone)
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[3] Strategic disclosure of intermediate research results
Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, 17(3), 733-758, 2008. DOI Working paper

[2] Soft money and hard choices: Why political parties might legislate against soft money donations (with Christine Lipsmeyer)
Public Choice, 123(3-4), 411-438, 2005. DOI Working paper

[1] Sequential decision-making and asymmetric equilibria: An application to takeovers (with Daniel Sgroi)
B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics, 4(1) Topics, Art. 11, 2004. DOI Working Paper

How cognitive skills affect strategic behavior: Cognitive ability, fluid intelligence and judgment (with Zachary Knepper, Victoria Prowse and Junya Zhou)
Revise & resubmit at Games and Economic Behavior
Working Paper

Email: dgill.econ@gmail.com
Cell: 765-412-4802

Rawls 4023
Daniels School of Business
403 W. State Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907, USA