Current lab members

Spring 2018 Lab photo

Post Doctoral

Abdel Halloway - Post-doctoral. Abdel is an NSF postdoc. He's theoretical ecologist working on problems using evolutionary game theory and mutualism. Co-advised with Katy Heath at UIUC.


Kathryn Maley - Kathryn works on forest and soil microbial communities.

Kliffi Blackstone - Kliffi works on forest productivity, and mechanisms of coexistence. She is also interested in mutualisms.

Morgan Ritzi - Morgan is studying 80 years of succession at Purdue's Ross Reserve.


Undergraduate research is an important part of my lab. Please feel free to email me if you are interested in doing a research project for credit!

Katie Williamson - Plant Science Undergraduate researcher. Katie was interested in the extention outreach part of Purdue's land grant mission, and is writing a document about important trees in Indiana. Autumn 2019.

Krista Johnson - Plant Science Undergraduate researcher. Krista is studying fern roots. Fall 2019.

Past lab members

Post Doctoral

Mina Rostamza - Post-doctoral research associate. Mina is an agronomist by training. She investigated tools for phenotyping plant roots, and mechanisms of self/non-self recognition in soil. She als did some modeling to explore the effects of different harvest and cost funcitons on the outcome of plant allocation models. Mina now works at the Salk Institute.

Paul Orlando - Post-doctoral research associate. Paul is a theoretical ecologist. We worked on plant-mycorrhizae bargaining games, and scaling up simple plant games to the level of communities. 2016-2017. Paul now is part of a software company.


Mariah Mobley - Mariah studied how plant vegetative traits were related to fitness, and explored different concepts of "fitness". MSc 2019.


Emery Horvath - Biology undergraduate researcher. Emery studied plant trait responses to red-far red light shifts. Spring 2019.

Paige Bradley - Plant Science Undergraduate researcher. Paige studies net primary production in forests. Spring 2018 and autumn 2018.

Greg Deiter - EEE Undergraduate researcher. Greg studies plant responses to red and far-red light. Fall 2018.

Morgan Ritzi - Plant Science Undergraduate researcher. Morgan worked on chestnut mycorrhizae, and also on tree growth in response to competition and community diversity using dendrochonology. Autumn 2017 and autumn 2018. Morgan is now an MSc student in the lab. Published! DOI

Audrey Kruse - Agronomy Undergraduate researcher. Audrey studies plant-plant competition. Autumn 2018.

Sarah González - Visiting Undergraduate researcher from ICESI in Colombia. Sara studied stomatal responses to plant-plant competition. Summer 2018.

Chloe Manley - Biology Undergraduate researcher. Chloe studied arbuscular mycorrhizae association with soybeans. Spring 2017.

Nathan Webb - Biology Undergraduate researcher. Nate studied stomatal development in trees. Spring 2017.

Kiersten Nelson - Biology Undergraduate researcher. Kiersten examined stomatal development in forest stands. Autumn/Spring 2017.

Emily Gunter - Plant Science Undergraduate researcher. Emily worked on arbuscular mycorrhizae association with soybeans. Autumn 2017.

Gina Clepper - Engineering Undergraduate researcher. Gina developed models for plant resource foraging, exploring alternative harvest equations, and water uptake. Autumn 2016.

Wesley Evens - Plant Science Undergraduate researcher. Wesley worked on plant strategies for tolerating enemy attack. Autumn 2016. Published! DOI

Lab photos

Spring 2019 Lab photo, after Mariah passed her prelim!

Spring 2018 Lab photo