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Mesoscopic approach to granular crystal dynamics
Marcial Gonzalez, Jinkyu Yang, Chiara Daraio, and Michael Ortiz
Physical Review E, Vol. 85, 016604, 2012
Marcial Gonzalez
We present a mesoscopic approach to granular crystal dynamics, which comprises a three-dimensional finite-element model and a one-dimensional regularized contact model. The approach investigates the role of vibrational-energy trapping effects in the dynamic behavior of one-dimensional chains of particles in contact (i.e., granular crystals), under small to moderate impact velocities. The only inputs of the models are the geometry and the elastic material properties of the individual particles that form the system. We present detailed verification results and validate the model comparing its predictions with experimental data. This approach provides a physically sound, first-principle description of dissipative losses in granular systems.