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Marcial Gonzalez Marcial Gonzalez, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
School of Mechanical Engineering
Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN 47907

Predictive multiscale modeling and simulation
Our research sits at the interface of virtual-physical particulate engineering, and it focuses on developing predictive modeling, simulation, and characterization techniques, at and across different scales, to further the understanding of microstructure formation and evolution in confined particulate systems, with an emphasis in manufacturing processes and the relationship between product fabrication and performance.

Application areas of interest include:
    (i) particulate products and processes (e.g., flow, mixing, segregation, consolidation, and compaction of powders),

    (ii) continuous manufacturing (e.g., Quality by Design, model predictive control, and reduced order models), and

    (iii) performance of pharmaceutical solid products (e.g., tensile strength, stiffness, swelling and disintegration), biomaterials (e.g., transport and feeding of corn stover) and energetic materials (e.g., deformation and heat generation under quasi-static, near-resonant and impact conditions, and formation and growth of hot spots) materials.
Multi-scale modeling, simulation and characterization of particulate products processing and performance

Mesoscale modeling and simulation energetic and mock composite materials under impact

Integrated biorefinery optimization: Analytical modeling of biomass transport and feeding systems

Continuous tableting pilot plant: Direct compaction, dry granulation, wet granulation

Understanding the effect of powder properties and processing conditions on the performance of pharmaceutical tablets

Thermomechanics of energetic and mock energetic composite materials under quasi-static and nearresonant excitations

Modeling granular material mixing and segregation using a finite element method and advection-diffusion-segregation (ADS) multi-scale model

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Center for Particulate Products and Processes (CP3)
Particle, Powder, and Compact Characterization Laboratory
Continuous Solids Processing Pilot Plant
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