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ENGR 103

ENGR 103 and the Design Purdue IRL Learning Community

The Design Purdue IRL (In Real Life) learning community provides an exciting opportunity for students across Purdue to work collaboratively on a design project focused on real-life, Purdue-specific, social engagement. Students will improve and develop their leadership skills as they work in cross-disciplinary teams. Students will learn to communicate ideas across disciplines (e.g., engineering, sciences, humanities, arts, social sciences, etc.). Students will develop awareness and knowledge of the diverse perspectives on Purdue’s campus. Students will learn to design for innovation in the context of social engagement. The course's central design project will challenge students to develop creative ideas, consider multiple perspectives, and explore Purdue’s social offerings. Students in the learning community will be housed in a common residence, which will provide the opportunity to engage in social endeavors throughout the semester.

Learning Objectives:

  • LO1: Students will be able to recognize the Engineering Design Process in its various forms.
  • LO2: Students will be able to apply teamwork skills to creatively solve problems.
  • LO3: Students will be able to apply the Engineering Design Process to new and existing real- world problems.
  • LO4: Students will be able to use writing and speaking skills to explain ideas to others.
  • LO5: Students will be able to identify the importance of networking skills.

For more information, please visit the Purdue Learning Communities Website or view the syllabus here.

IE 332

Purdue IE 332

"The hardest undergrad IE class at Purdue"

Junior level IE design course

Andrew was a student in Fall 2020.

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Justin Chow

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A.G. was someone I’ve worked with for a long long time; his logo was one of my first commissions! He is someone who is always committed and dedicated to making a positive impact on the people around him and it's always an inspiring sight to see.

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Elon Musk is scary but this website comforts me.

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Andrew is cool and I think we are friends, so that means he is also smart.

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Andrew knows how to make Purdue fun and is definitely going to be the next Purdue president.

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He's great at Bananagrams so that means you have to listen to what he says. No cap.

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