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To monitor real-time data and historical trends, provide air quality warnings in hazardous areas, and provide dynamic sensor networks over multiple geographic regions.

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The Company

The 7th Sense Company's purpose is to provide clients with an optimized solution of sensor placements based on their region and budget constraints. Located at Hicks Undergraduate Library, we work with the customer to create an unforgettable experience. Below are our sensors:

Fixed Sensors

Fixed Sensors are sensors that do not move and are a permanent fixture.They are capable of gathering readings up to 50 meters away. These sensors start at $500.

Mobile Sensors

Mobile Sensors are sensors that are attached to moving drones. They can communicate with numerous types of sensors and read the same distance as Fixed Sensors. These sensors start at $3,500.


We work day in and day out to make sure you know the air you breathe is good!


gallons of air are breathed by an average American each day


percent of the global population live in places with unhealthy air quality

4.3 million

people are killed by indoor air pollution annually


Air pollution is the 4th largest threat to human health


Some of our services are listed below.

Air Quality

Air Quality measured by particulate matter readings.


The measured precent of water vapor present in the atmosphere.

Air Pressure

The force exerted by the weight of the air on land in Torr.


Reading in Fahrenheit of intensity of heat present outdoors.


This is the team!

Chris Kosiba

Chief Executive Officer

Ava Dooley

Product Manager

James Mulvenna


Vaibhav Barak

Project Manager

Zane Haddad

Process Engineer

Andrew Gray

Head External Advisor

Dani Fernandez

Distribution Executive

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