Advisory Board Applications

Applications for the 2024 season open at 5pm on February 6th, 2024!

Applications for the 2024 season close at 11:59pm on February 13th, 2024!

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2023 Advisory Board with the Roger Blalock Strive For Excellence Award

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Andrew Gray & James Rapoza

Andrew Gray (adv. board 2021-2024) and James Rapoza (BPAB President 2017-2019)

What is the Block Party Advisory Board?

The Advisory Board is a select group of students that make the magic happen! We attend every regular home season game and sit in the front row. We are responsible for enhancing the student experience at Purdue Volleyball games and coordinating everything Block Party does throughout the season.

What does the Block Party Advisory Board do?

We are responsible for creating all the cheers, suggesting what Purdue Athletics gives away to fans, assigning themes to games, managing the student section during games, starting cheers, coordinating events with players and coaches, as well as hosting social events, watch parties, and travel trips for some away games.

How do I join the Advisory Board?

At the conclusion of each season, the Advisory Board elects their new Executive Officers, then sends out an email invitation to apply for an interview to all Block Party members for the new Advisory Board positions. This process typically takes place in January and February. If you are selected for an interview, we will contact you directly. Apply for an interview here.

Who is eligible to join the Advisory Board?

While Block Party invites any Purdue student interested in pursuing an Advisory Board position to apply, there are a few requirements you must meet to be an eligible board member.

To be considered eligible, you must…

  • Be in good academic standing with the university

  • Have attended the majority of home Purdue Volleyball games the prior season

  • Have a significant interest in supporting Purdue Volleyball

Also, ask yourself these questions to see if you would be a good fit for the board:

  • Am I comfortable acting loud & crazy in front of others?

  • Am I comfortable being photographed and on television?

  • Would I be able to approach other students and respond to poor behavior if necessary?

  • Do I have ideas to contribute to Block Party?

  • Will I be able to make time to attend at least 10 of the 15 home volleyball games and arrive early for set up?

If you think you would make a good addition to the Advisory Board, please apply here!

For more information, you can always ask the current board members questions at games, or email us to ask about our roles. Thank you for your interest in becoming a Block Party Advisory Board member!