About Justin

  • Position: Assistant Professor
  • Research Topics: Empathy, Engineering Ethics, Empathic Design
  • Fun Facts: I have two children (Remi & Rayne). My favorite genre to read is fantasy (wheel of time, anyone?) but I also enjoy detective series and science fiction.


Dr. Justin L Hess is an assistant professor in the School of Engineering Education at Purdue University. Dr. Hess’s research focuses on empathic and ethical formation in engineering education.

He received his PhD from Purdue University’s School of Engineering Education, as well as a Master of Science and Bachelor of Science from Purdue University’s School of Civil Engineering. He is the editorial board chair for the Online Ethics Center, deputy director for research for the National Institute of Engineering Ethics, and past-division chair for the ASEE Liberal Education/Engineering and Society division.

Selected Publications

Hess, J, L. & Fore, G. A systematic literature review of US engineering ethics interventions. Science and Engineering Ethics, 2018, 24, 2, 551-583

Hess, J. L., Strobel, J. & Brightman, A. O. The development of empathic perspective-taking in an engineering ethics course. Journal of Engineering Education, 2017, 106, 4, 534-563

Hess, J. L., Beever, J., Zoltowski, C. B., Kisselburgh, L. G., & Brightman, A. O. Enhancing engineering students’ ethical reasoning: Situating Reflexive Principlism within the SIRA Framework. Journal of Engineering Education, 2019, 108, 1, 82-102.