2022-2023 Officers

Maya McDonald


Maya is a Senior studying Aerospace Engineering from Seattle, Washington who's favorite fact is that Uranus is full of gas. Gas and ice mix in its interior with a small rocky core. The mix of gases in it are mostly methane and ammonia, with little hydrogen and helium.

Lydia Costello

Vice President

Lydia is a Junior studying Biology from West Bloomfield, Michigan who loves to tell jokes. Her favorite joke is What do you call a row of rabbits hopping away? ... A receding hare-line.

Jack Schwartz


Jack is a Senior studying Biochemistry from Valparaiso, Indiana who loves the fact that there are approximately 10 times more bacterial cells than human cells in the human body.

Isabel Crotteau

Event Coordinator

Isabel is a Senior studying Mechanical Engineering from Rice Lake, Wisconsin who loves the fact that sea otters have a pouch under their forearms to store their favorite rocks.

Phoebe Drobish

Fundraising Chair

Phoebe is a Sophomore studying Mechanical Engineering from Orange County, California who loves the fact that Otters hold hands when they sleep.

Ana Noreña

Community Service

Ana is a Senior studying Industrial Engineering from Libertyville, Illinois who is not scared of the word Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia.

Caleb Shinkle

Men's Team Captain

Caleb is a Sophomore studying Computer Engineering from Colombus, Indiana who knows that Walmart has a lower acceptance rate than Harvard.

Raiden Phillips

Women's Team Captain

Raiden is a Junior studying Robotic and Mechatronic Engineering from Brownsburg, Indiana who has gotten to the center of a Tootsie Pop by licking it 364 times.

Jory Bauer

Social Chair

Jory is a Sophomore studying Interior Design from Southampton, New Jersey who is very fascinated by the fact that cows can walk up stairs but not down them.

Sami Ward

Safety Officer

Sami is a Sophomore studying Biomedical Health Sciences from New Castle, Indiana who wants you to know that your small intestine is bigger than your large intestine.