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What is the Hilltop Council?

The Hilltop Council is the student government organization for Hilltop Apartments. This council determines what programs are funded based on the requests of the senate and/or requests of the resident students/faculty in Hilltop Apartments. Students each pay a $32 dollar fee (automatically added into housing costs) which makes up the cash reserves for funding programs. For more information on the council, see our constitution. Ask your RA or contact us if you are interested in joining.

What is the Executive Board?

The Executive Board is responsible for providing strong leadership and direction for the Hilltop Senate. The Executive Board should make decisions beyond the basic duties of the individual senators and as a collective body. Members of the Executive Board shall meet regularly at the discretion of the President. They may establish and disband committees and dispense funds within the guidelines established by the Senate. In addition, they shall examine political, social, educational, and student-oriented issues and actions that are to be presented before the Senate for discussion and vote.

What is the Senate?

Senators are responsible to their building's residents and shall seek their advisement on a regular basis. Senators shall also report to the Senate the proceedings and events of their building's residents.


The Hilltop Council Constitution is written by the residents, for the residents.


The council is made up of the Executive Board, the Senate (one or more representatives from each building community) and the Council Advisor.

Executive Board


Senate Proposal Form

NOTE: Proposals are now being submitted via an online form. This form can be found here.

The Hilltop Council has an official format for proposals at the senate meetings. You can download the formatted blank page here, or take a look at an example to see how it is done. Be sure to put the title of your event in place of "Name of the Event" at the top of the page, and to have the person in charge sign the form in the spot provided.

Senate Proposal Template

Senate Proposal Example