8 August 2016

INFORMS O.R. & Analytics Student Team Competition

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27 April 2016

Students from the INFORMS student chapters of different universities compete in the Dow Big Data Challenge each year. This Event is sponsored by Dow Chemical Inc. and is held in the Spring semester. The competition is composed over different stages with possible elimination in each round based on reviews. Students from School of Industrial Engineering, Purdue University have performed extremely well in this competition with following results over the past years:

  • First Place: Dow Big Data Challenge, 2014
  • First Place: Dow Big Data Challenge, 2015

In 2016, two teams of Purdue University achieved podium finish: 2nd and 3rd prize.


3rd Prize

Yuvaraj Pazhamalai –

Adithya Vivekan –

Murugappan Senthilnathan –




2nd Prize

Ellen Wongso –

Arfinandi Ferialdy –

Zijian He –



On behalf of INFORMS chapter Purdue, we would like to congratulate the winners and hope to continue the good performance of School of Industrial Engineering students in DOW Big Data Challenge. We would also like to thank DOW Chemicals and INFORMS Chapter at Texas A&M for successful organization of the competition.


2 November 2015

INFORMS-Purdue Chapter received the Magna Cum Laude Chatper award at INFORMS annual meeting in Philadelphia, PA.

Purdue Student Chapter has been selected for this award among more than 40 student chapters for its excellent performance in organizing a variety of events including academic, social, and workshops during year 2014.

Many thanks to officers, adviser, and members for their invaluable efforts and supports.


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09 October 2015

Grissom Hall Rededication:

Friday, October 9th, marked a new era for the Purdue School of Industrial Engineering. President Mitch Daniels, the University Board of trustees, Dean of Engineering, and other dignitaries officially reopened Grissom Hall – a historical event, indeed, for Purdue IE.

The event was graced by several high-profile alumni, which presented the students and faculty with a great opportunity to meet and network with them. Also, the celebration continued well into the weekend with the sschool of IE hosting an exclusive IE pregame tailgate party on Saturday. October 10th on the Piazza outside Grissom Hall.

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17 April 2015

Congratulations to MohammadMoshref-Javadi and Ashutosh Nayak, IE graduate students at Purdue University, who received the first place in the DOW big data challenge 2015.

First place in DOW Big Data challenge 2015.

First place in DOW Big Data challenge 2015.

DOW provides a problem in the field of industrial engineering, operations research, supply chain, and management sciences. The problem comes from their daily operations and it represents a real situation that required a solution or improvement. DOW provided data associated with their operations. For a company like DOW the amount of data is huge and that is why the competition is called DOW Big Data Challenge.

The objectives of the Challenge include:
1. Evaluate and analyze the data given by DOW and identify and derive key points.
2. Provide some insights by looking at the data and come up with some helpful results for DOW.



12 November 2014

INFORMS-Purdue Chapter received the Cum Laude Chatper award at INFORMS annual meeting in San Francisco, CA.

INFORMS-Purdue Chapter received the Cum Laude award, San Francisco, 2015

INFORMS-Purdue Chapter received the Cum Laude award, San Francisco, 2015