All the Italian films we show will have English subtitles. We try to select a variety of movies that might appeal to everyone, and try to select movies that are not shown in the film classes. Suggestions are always welcome.

Office Hours

We are holding office hours where you can directly talk to the officers about club and pose questions, comments, and suggestions. You can also get help with homework and general help in Italian classes from us and other students that come. Students of all proficiency levels can interact and work together. Our office is Stewart Center room 22B, which is on the level directly below ground level, and is next to many other student organization offices.

Cooking Nights

Our cooking nights will always have the same protocol. We will serve plenty of food, most likely a main dish, an appetizer or side dish, and dessert. We may not have time to make every dish from start to finish at the cooking night, but we will tell you how each dish is made, and we will also have the recipes. It's a very fun and delicious part of club. However, in order to make sure those that come have plenty of food, we must limit the number of people at each cooking night. We can accommodate plenty of people, but if you wish to come you must contact us in advance. We also ask that those who come donate 10 dollars when you sign up to cover the cost of food and to help fund future activities. This will guarantee the night is a hit.

Next Cooking Night

To Be Determined by y'all!


Occasionally for an activity we will go out on campus, usually Memorial Mall, and play bocce or calcio or something else. This may be for a Wednesday evening activity, and for the spring we are considering having a few on Saturday.


We have Italian Club shirts available. A picture of one can be found here. If you wish to buy one, they are $10, but if we have a large request we can sell them for less.