Weekly Events Launch This Week

Small Group Scripture Studies:

  • Mon 7 pm @ Robert’s (email for address!), Colossians, pritcher@purdue.edu
  • Weds 12:00, Stewart 307, John, Becca Becca.e.nixon@gmail.com
  • Thurs 8 pm @ Emily’s (307 Park Ln, West Lafayette), Philippians, emily.umulis@intervarsity.org

On-Campus Misional Prayer

  • Engineering: Mon 12-12:30, Armstrong B097 Weston buchanaw@purdue.edu
  • Math: Thurs 10:30 am, Kyle flanaga5@purdue.edu, Math Building Grad Lounge (in the basement!)

Other Social & Theological Events are coming soon- emial purduegrad@intervarsity.org for more info!





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