...that is to say,
I'm no Dylan expert; I just know what I like, and I like Bob Dylan.  If you think you're too old to enjoy the music of someone who looks like this (above), remind yourself of the distinction between appearance and reality, and give yourself a shot of the young Dylan -- the older music -- and see what you think.  Philosophers often think differently than nearly everybody else (and if you're a philosopher, you'll agree with Dylan that "Truth is an arrow, and the gate is narrow, which it passes through.").  The young Dylan thought differently from the musical mainstays of his time -- a point that wasn't lost on the Apple Computer folks:

There's the young Dylan.  That harmonica, and the acoustic guitar tucked under his arm, should make you feel better.  You're not too old to remember how great the Great Woody Guthrie was, or how sensible and well-written was that old song "The Answer my friend is blowin' in the wind."  Well, if you like Woody or like that song of Bob's, you'll like the young Dylan.  (If you don't like Woody Guthrie, I can't help you much.  Dunno if anyone else can, either.  And if you don't like 'Blowin in the Wind', then you're a person without a chest -- a person who never uses the word 'sublime' because it's nowhere to be found in your vocabulary.)

Here's a link to the uninitiated's and uninterested's guide to Bob Dylan.  Actually, it's advice to those who can't understand why their friends or family or lovers don't like Dylan, and want to go about changing that; but it's fine for the unitiated and uninterested, too, so long as they've got open minds.  (Not so open-minded, of course, that their brains fall out.  Those sorts deserve to be in the mosh-pit of new stuff getting vomited out nowadays as real music.)  Or, you could just peruse the rock and roll hall of fame's Dylan page, which is a nice entree.

Well, here are a few good sites to visit if you want to read about Dylan the person, about his music, find interviews, get lyrics, order Dylan music, or whatever.  They're the best ones for a cruise, I think: you can pick it up from there.  Have fun.


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