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Jan A. Cover
(Fall 1999)

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    Ph.D.  in Philosophy, Syracuse University, Fall 1989.
                     Dissertation:  "Leibniz on Time and Causality"
    M.A.   in Philosophy, Syracuse University, Fall 1984.
                    Thesis: "Causal Theories of Time: Leibniz and Reichenbach"
    B.A.    in Philosophy, Syracuse University, Fall 1981.
    B.S.     in Biochemistry, University of California, Davis, Spring 1979.


History of Early Modern Philosophy, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Science.

   1995-     Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy, Purdue University, IN
   1989-95 Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, Purdue University, IN
   1986-89 Instructor in Philosophy, Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Geneva, NY
   1983-86 Senior Teaching Staff, Department of Philosophy, Syracuse University, NY
   1979-80 Staff Research Associate, Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics, University of
                   California, Davis, CA


   University Faculty Scholar, Purdue University, 1999-2004.
   Fellow, Center for Humanistic Studies, Spring 1997, Purdue University.
   Faculty Incentive Research Grant, 1994, Purdue Research Foundation.
   International Travel Grant, 1994, Purdue Research Foundation; toward air travel to the Sixth
   International Leibniz Congress, Hannover, Germany.
   Summer Faculty Research Grant, 1992, Purdue Research Foundation.
   National Academy of Sciences/National Research Council, 1991; grant toward expenses to participate in the 9th
          International Congress of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science; Uppsala, Sweden.
   International Travel Grant, 1991, Purdue Research Foundation, toward air travel to International
         Congress LMPS (Sweden).
   Publication Subsidy Grant, Office of the Vice-President for Research, Syracuse University,  1989-90; for an
         anthology on early modern philosophy.
   Summer Research Fellowship, 1989, Department of Philosophy, Syracuse University.
   Curriculum Development Grant, College of Arts and Sciences, Syracuse University, 1987; to complete manuscript
         of an introductory philosophy text (w/ R. Garns).
   Winner, 1986 Leibniz Society of North America Essay Competition.
   University Senate Research Fellowship, Syracuse University, Summer 1985.
   Masters Award in the Humanities (all-University prize for best Masters Thesis), Syracuse University, 1984.
   S. M. Marcus University Scholar, Syracuse University, 1981.
   California State Scholar, University of California, Davis, 1977-79.

   Substance and Individuation in Leibniz, co-authored with J. OíLeary-Hawthorne.  Cambridge University Press,
           1999.  x +  307 pp.  A research monograph.
   Philosophy of Science: The Central Issues, co-edited and -authored w/ M. Curd.  New York: W. W. Norton &
           Company, 1998. xx + 1379 pp.  A comprehensive anthology of twentieth-century philosophy of science
           with 386 pp. of extended commentary divided among nine chapters.
   Central Themes in Early Modern Philosophy, co-edited w/ M. Kulstad.  Indianapolis and Cambridge: Hackett
           Publishing Company, 1990.  xiii + 336 pp.  A collection of new essays in the history of early modern
           metaphysics and epistemology.
   Theories of Knowledge and Reality: An Introduction to the Problems and Arguments of Philosophy, co-authored
           w/ R. Garns.  New York: McGraw-Hill Publishing Company, 1990; Second Edition, 1994, xiv + 399 pp.  A

    "Spinozaís Extended Substance: Cartesian and Leibnizian Reflections," forthcoming in C. Huenemann and R.
           Genarro, eds., New Essays on the Rationalists (Oxford, 1999).
    "A World of Universals," Philosophical Studies 91 (1998), 205-219, w/ J. OíLeary-Hawthorne.
    "Miracles and Christian Theism," in M. Murray, ed., Reason for the Hope Within (Eerdmans, 1998), 345-74.
            --A significantly revised version of this paper appears as "Miracles and (Christian) Theism," in Eleonore
              Stump & Michael Murray, eds., Philosophy of Religion: The Big Questions (Blackwell, 1999), 334-352.
    "Framing the Thisness Issue," Australasian Journal of Philosophy 75 (1997), 102-08, w/ J. OíLeary-Hawthorne.
    "Non-basic Time and Reductive Strategies: Leibnizís Theory of Time," Studies in History and Philosophy of
              Science 28 (1997), 289-318.
    "Materialism and Human Freedom," in Faith, Freedom and Rationality, ed. by J. Jordon and D. Howard-Snyder
             (Rowman & Littlefield, 1996), 47-71, w/ J. OíLeary-Hawthorne.
    "Haecceitism and Anti-Haecceitism in Leibnizís Philosophy," Noûs 30 (1996), 1-30, w/ J. OíLeary-Hawthorne.
           --This paper, selected as "among the ten best articles to appear in print in 1996," is reprinted in Patrick Grim
              et. al., eds., The Philosopherís Annual: 1996 (Atascadero: Ridgeview Publishing Company, 1998), 161-88.
    "Prospects for a Leibnizian Causal Theory of Time," Leibniz und Europa: VI Internationaler Leibniz-Kongress.
             Vorträge  (Hannover: G.-W.-Leibniz Gesellschaft, 1995), 72-79.
    "Are Leibnizian Monads Spatial?" History of Philosophy Quarterly 11 (1994), 295-316, w/ G. Hartz.
    "Reference, Modality and Relational Time," Philosophical Studies 70 (1993), 251-77.
    "Leibnizian Essentialism, Transworld Identity, and Counterparts," History of Philosophy Quarterly 9 (1992),
             425-45, w/ J. Hawthorne.
    "Absolute/Relative," entry in The Handbook of Metaphysics and Ontology.  2 Vols. H. Burkhardt and B. Smith,
             eds. (Munich: Philosophia Verlag, 1991), 2-5.
    "Leibniz on Superessentialism and World-Bound Individuals," Studia Leibnitiana 22 (1990), 175-85, w/ J. Hawthorne.
    "Reduction and Relations in Leibniz," Pacific Philosophical Quarterly 70 (1989), 185-211.
    "Space and Time in the Leibnizian Metaphysic," Noûs 22 (1988), 493-519, w/ G. Hartz.
          --This paper is anthologized in Leibniz: Critical Assessments, ed. R. Woolhouse (London: Blackwell, 1994),
    "Causal Priority and Causal Conditionship," Synthese 71 (1987), 19-36.


    Critical Review, of LEIBNIZ AND CLARKE: A STUDY OF THEIR CORRESPONDENCE, [Oxford], by Ezio Vailati,
            Leibniz Society Review 8 (1998), 105-12.
    Critical Review Article, responding to LEIBNIZíS THEORY OF RELATIONS [Steiner Verlag], by Massimo Mugnai,
            in Leibniz Society Review 5 (1995), 1-10. (Authorís reply: LSR 5 (1995), 11-14.)
    Critical Notice of UNREALITY: THE METAPHYSICS OF FICTIONAL OBJECTS [Cornell], by Charles Crittenden, in
            Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 54 (1994), 225-29.
            Catherine Wilson, in Leibniz Society Review 3 (1993), 7-12.  (Authorís reply: LSR 4 (1994), 5-8.)
           Benson Mates, in Noûs 24 (1990), 169-74, w/ G. Hartz.

    Book Review of LEIBNIZ AND CLARKE: A STUDY OF THEIR CORRESPONDENCE [Oxford], by Ezio Vailati,
           Journal of the History of Philosophy 37 (1999), 533-35.
    Book Review of LEIBNIZ AND THE RATIONAL ORDER OF NATURE [Cambridge], by Donald Rutherford, in
           Philosophical Books 38 (1997), 185-88.
    Book Review of HAECCEITY: AN ONTOLOGICAL ESSAY [Kluwer Academic Publishers], by Gary Rosenkrantz,
           in Australasian Journal of Philosophy 74 (1996), 397-98.
    Book Review of THE CAMBRIDGE COMPANION TO LEIBNIZ [Cambridge], ed. Nicholas Jolley, in Philosophical
           Books (1996), 176-78.
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    Book Review of GOD AND NATURE:  SPINOZA'S METAPHYSICS [Brill], ed. by Yirmiyahu Yovel, in Shofar 12
          (1993), 98-100.
    Book Review of G. W. LEIBNIZ'S MONADOLOGY: AN EDITION FOR STUDENTS [Pittsburgh], by Nicholas Rescher,
          in Leibniz Society Review 1 (1991), 7-8.
    Book Review of SPINOZA AND MORAL FREEDOM [SUNY], by S. Paul Kashap, in The Philosophical Review 100
         (1991), 160-64.


 "Sufficient Reason and the Identity of Indiscernibles in Leibniz," University of Utah, February 1999.
 "Perception, 'Judgment', and Error in Leibniz," commentary on Keya Maitra's "Leibnis's Account of Error,"
       Eastern Division APA meeting, Washington DC, December 1998.
 "Thomistic Universals," commentary on Brian Leftow's "Aquinas' Theory of Universals," at the 3rd Annual Midwest
       Metaphysics Conference (MMM), University of Notre Dame, July 1998.
 "Leibniz and the Threat of 'Spinozism':  How Many Things Are There?" Center for  Humanistic Studies,
       Purdue University, April 1998.
 "Bisterfeld, Leibniz, and Trinitarian Links to Universal Harmony," commentary on M. Rosa Antognazza's
       "Immeatio and Emperichoresis:  The Theological Roots of Harmony in Bisterfeld and Leibniz,"  Pacific Division
       APA meeting, Los Angeles, March 1998.
 "Spatial Souls, Extended Souls," in conjunction with Stewart Goetz's "Spatially Located Souls," at the 2nd Annual
       Midwest Metaphysics Conference (MMM), University of Notre Dame, August 1997.
 "Miracles and Christian Theism," at the New England Seminar on Christian Apologetics,  Gordon College (MA),
       July 1997.
 "Ignoring Skepticism: Leibniz's Science of Intelligibles," commentary on Wesley DeMarco's  "Skepticism in the
       Leibnizian Epistemology," Central Division APA meeting, Pittsburgh, April 1997.
 "Descartes, Attributes, and the Rational Distinction," commentary on Lawrence Nolan's "Descartes' Theory of
       Universals," Pacific Division APA meeting, Berkeley, March 1997.
 "A World of Universals," at the Midwest Metaphysics Conference (MMM), University of Notre Dame, July 1996.
 "Spinoza's Method in the Treatise and the Ethics," commentary on Diane Steinberg's "Method and the Structure
       of Knowledge in Spinoza," Central Division APA meeting,   Chicago, April 1996.
 "Leibniz, Modality and the History of Philosophy," presented at the Conference Philosophy and its History: Truth
       and Context, Southern Illinois University, February 1996.
 "Modal Individuation in Leibniz," presented at the conference Leibniz in the 1790s, Virginia Polytechnic Institute
       and State University, March 1995.
 "Prospects for a Leibnizian Causal Theory of Time," presented at the VI International Leibniz Congress, Hannover,
       Germany, July 1994.
 "Innate vs. Constructed Ideas in Descartes," commentary on William Beardsley's "Descartes on Constructed Ideas,"
       Central Division APA meeting, Kansas City, May 1994.
 "Human Freedom and Substance Dualism," presented to the Society of Christian Philosophers at the Pacific Division
       APA meeting, Los Angeles, March 1994.
 "Leibniz on Time," presented at Ohio State University, Department of Philosophy, Leibniz Seminar, November 1993.
        --Short version of this paper also presented at Northern Kentucky University, Philosophy Department,
        November 1993.
 "Haecceitism and Anti-Haecceitism in Leibniz's Philosophy," Purdue University, Department of Philosophy
        Colloquium Series, September 1993.
        --Earlier version also presented at the 1993 Midwest Seminar in History of Early Modern Philosophy, Washington
        University, St. Louis, April 1993.
 "Are Leibnizian Monads Spatial?" presented in colloquium on Early Modern Philosophy, at the Central Division APA
        Meetings, Chicago, April 1993.
 "History of Philosophy and Doing Philosophy Historically," presented at Berea College, September 1992.
 "Modality and Leibnizian Space-Time," presented at Spring Meeting of the Indiana Philosophical Association,
        March 1992.
        --Earlier version also presented at Wayne State University, Philosophy Department Colloquium Series,
        January 1992.
 "Reference, Relationalism, and Times," presented at the Mid-South Philosophy Conference, Memphis State
        University, March 1992.
        --Earlier version also presented at the Arkansas Philosophical Association Meeting, University of Arkansas,
        November 1991.
 "Non-Basic Time and Reductive Strategies: Leibnizian Foundations," presented at the 9th International Congress
       of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science, Uppsala, Sweden, August 1991.
 "Spatial Recurrence," presented in colloquium on Space and Time at Pacific Division APA Meeting, San Francisco,
       March 1991.
 "Savitt on Time Asymmetry," commentary on Steven Savitt's "Epistemological Time Asymmetry," Central Division
       APA Meeting, New Orleans, April 1990.
 "Leibniz on Immanent Causality: How God Sustains the World (Without Really Trying)," Purdue University,
       Department of Philosophy Colloquium Series, March 1990.
       --Also presented at Syracuse University, Philosophy of Religion Group, July 1990.
 "Transworld Identity and Leibnizian Essentialism," Fall Meeting of the Indiana Philosophical Association,
       November 1989.
 "Reduction and Relations in Leibniz," presented in colloquium on Early Modern Philosophy at Pacific Division APA
       Meeting, Berkeley, March 1989.
       --Earlier versions also presented to the Departments of Philosophy at University of  California, Riverside;
       California State University, San Jose; and Purdue University, Spring 1989.
 "Leibniz on Inter-Monadic Relations," presented at the Fall Meeting of the New York State Philosophical
       Association, November 1988.
 "Space and Time in the Leibnizian Metaphysic," presented to the Leibniz Society at the Pacific Division APA
       Meeting, Los Angeles, March 1986.

 "Is Christianity Intellectually Credible?", faculty panel w/ open forum, Purdue University, January 1994.
 "The Current Status of 70S Crosslinking," symposium on ribosome biochemistry, UC Davis, February 1980.

Leibniz's Rational Metaphysics of God and Creatures (working title).  In progress, for the Purdue University Press
       History of Philosophy Series.  Target delivery Spring 2000.  A book on Leibniz's Discourse on Metaphysics.
"Leibnizís Modal Metaphysics," forthcoming in The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, December 1999.
"Cartesian Attributes and Relative Identity."
"Infinite Analysis and the Problem of Lucky Proof," w/ John Hawthorne.


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    Noûs, Journal of Philosophical Research, Journal of the History of Philosophy, International Studies in
    Philosophy, Man and World, Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie, Faith and Philosophy, Journal of the
    History of Ideas, Wadsworth Publishing, W. W. Norton & Company, University of Pittsburgh Press, Hackett
    Publishing Company, Purdue University Press.

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    Indiana Philosophical Association, Society of Christian Philosophers, G.-W.-Leibniz Gesellschaft e. V.

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