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Aquatic Community Ecology


The Hoverman Lab focuses on environmental stressors in aquatic ecosystems.  While the definition of ‘environmental stress’ varies considerably across disciplines and among researchers, it is clear that organisms must cope with natural (e.g., predators, pathogens, competitors) and anthropogenic (e.g., chemical contaminants, habitat loss) factors that exhibit spatiotemporal variation.  Our research seeks to understand the separate and combined effects of natural and anthropogenic stressors at multiple scales of ecological organization (i.e. individuals to ecosystems).  To address our research interests, we utilize freshwater aquatic systems (e.g., ponds, wetlands, and lakes) and their associated taxa (e.g., tadpoles, snails, insects, fish, parasites).  Within the framework of environmental stressors, we integrate research on community ecology, ecotoxicology, and disease ecology.

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Welcome to the Hoverman Lab Website

Jason Hoverman

Associate Professor of Vertebrate Ecology

Dept. of Forestry and Natural Resources

Purdue University