Patrick Kain

Department of Philosophy

Purdue University

curriculum vitae





“Humanity and the Paradox of Method,” Nature and Freedom: 12th International Kant Congress. September 2015. Vienna, Austria. (upcoming)

“Value Realism and the Paradox of Method,” Conference: Moral Realism or Anti-realism in Kant’s Moral Philosophy. July 1-3, 2015. Siegen, Germany. (upcoming)

“Animals in Kant,” Workshop: Oxford Philosophical Concepts - Animals, King’s College, London, March 7, 2015.

"Artificial Intelligence And The Appearance Of Wisdom: Connecting AI With Our Knowledge of What is Good," invited speaker, Dawn or Doom: The New Technology Explosion, Purdue University, September 18, 2014. <>

“Good, God, and the Paradox of Method,” invited lecture, VI. COLÓQUIO KANT UFPEL - Realismo e Anti-Realismo Na Filosofia Moral De Kant: Dignidade, Valor Moral e Reino Dos Fins. Pelotas, Brazil, September 3, 2014.

“Kant’s Moral Realism and the Limits of Autonomy,” 2013 Faculty Development Center Fellows Presentation, Purdue University, November 4, 2013.

“Good, God, and Kant,” Invited Paper for 2013 Baylor-Georgetown-Notre Dame Philosophy of Religion Conference (BGND), October 4, 2013.

“Animals, Humanity and Obligation,” Invited Paper for Kant on Animals Conference, University of Witwatersrand at Kruger Park, South Africa, July 5, 2013.

“Self-Legislation and Good, God and the Moral Law,” Invited speaker, Desmond Hogan’s graduate seminar on Kant, Princeton University, October 19, 2012.

“Der Charakter der Gattung (Anth. 7:321-333).” Symposion: Kants Geschichtsphilosophie, Eberhard Karls Universität, Tübingen, Germany. February 16-18, 2011. (invited)

“Skill and Animality in Kant’s Anthropology.” Invited Paper for Symposium on “Kant’s Anthropology,” (Main Program). APA Central Division Meetings, February 20, 2010.

“The Development of Kant’s Conception of Divine Freedom,” invited paper for conference on The Philosophy of Leibniz and Kant. University of Kentucky.  September 25-27, 2009.

"Kant's Account of Divine Freedom,"

Pacific Study Group of the North American Kant Society, University of California-Riverside, October 21, 2006.

Conference: The Christian Worldview: Analysis, Assessment, and Development- A Conference in Honor of Keith Yandell, University of Wisconsin-Madison, September 16, 2005.

Conference: The Enlightenment Project, Revisited, Houghton College, May 20, 2006.

"Kant and the Limits of Autonomy,"  Conference: Modernity- Yearning for the Infinite, University of Notre Dame, November 30, 2006.

"Preliminary Reflections on Kant's Account of Divine Freedom," for workshop Kant as a Moral Realist, University of Notre Dame, August 4, 2005.

"Kant's Metaphysical Conception of Moral Status," Midwest Study Group of the North American Kant Society, Purdue University, October 30, 2004.

"Constructivism, Intrinsic Normativity and the Motivational Analysis Argument," invited paper for conference: Moralische Motivation. Kants Ethik in der Diskussion.  Philipps-Universität, Marburg.  March 25, 2004.

"Moralischer Status bei Kant," Eberhard-Karls Universität, Tübingen, December 12, 2003.

"Interpreting Kant's Theory of Divine Commands," Institutskolloquium, Philipps-Universität, Marburg, June 23, 2003.

"Hobbes' State of Nature," Boston College, January 29, 2003.

"Utilitarianism and Human Rights," Franklin & Marshall College, January 25, 2003.

"Teaching Ethics," "From Death to Life" Conference, University of Notre Dame, September 27, 2002.

"Prudential Reason in Kant's Anthropology," North American Kant Society Group Meeting at the 2002 APA Pacific Division Meetings, Seattle, March 29, 2002.

"Finite Rational Beings and Dependent Rational Animals."  Conference: A Culture of Life, University of Notre Dame, November 30, 2001.

"Anthropology and Practical Reason in Kant's Philosophy," (invited paper) Purdue University, Philosophy Department Colloquium, April 5, 2001.

"A preliminary defense of Kantian Prudence" at the IX. Internationaler Kant-Kongress.   Berlin, Germany.  March 28, 2000.

"Challenging Kantian Constructivism in Ethics"

Purdue University, January 13, 2000.

University of Southern California, February 2, 2000.

"Autonomy and Construction in Kant's Moral Philosophy", (invited lecture)  University of Notre Dame.  September 30, 1999.

"'Kant's Moral Constructivism' and his Conception of Legislation"

1998 APA Pacific Division Meetings, Los Angeles.  March 28, 1998. (Colloquium: Kant's Ethics)

American Society for Eighteenth Century Studies Conference, Notre Dame.  April 12, 1998. (North American Kant Society Session: Kant and the Natural Law Tradition)

The Twentieth World Congress of Philosophy, Boston.  August 13, 1998. (Theoretical Ethics Section)

"'Kant's moral constructivism' und seine Vorstellung der Gesetzgebung"

Eberhard-Karls Universität, Tübingen, Germany.  June 29, 1996.

"'Kantian Constructivism' and the History of Ethics"

1996 Fulbright Research Seminar.  Berlin, Germany.  March 27, 1996.

"A Challenge to Davidson's Condition for Event Identity"

1995 APA Pacific Division Meetings, San Francisco.  March 30, 1995.  (Colloquium: Events)

Other Conference Participation:

Invited Participant, 5. Siegener Kant Tagung am ZetKIK: Kant über das Faktum der reinen praktischen Vernunft. Siegen, Germany.  September 6-7, 2010.

Organizer and Chair of Program Committee, 2008 Midwest Study Group of the North American Kant Society. Purdue University, October 17-19, 2008.

Invited Participant, Workshop: Kant as a Moral Realist, University of Notre Dame, August 1-5, 2005. (directed by Karl Ameriks and John E. Hare)

Chair, Program Committee, 2002 Meeting, Midwest Study Group of the North American Kant Society.

Commentator, "Three Concepts of Liberty" (Kyle Swan), Indiana Philosophical Association, DePauw University, April 6, 2002.

Program Committee, 2001 Meeting, Midwest Study Group of the North American Kant Society.