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Last November (2019) I completed my book Freedom and Insight, which explores Kant’s understanding of autonomy, freedom, and grace in Kant’s ethics and religion. That manuscript is currently under review; a description of it can be found here.  

Some of my other recent work has focused on the radically new understanding of consciousness put forward in Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason and its effects on 19th century understandings of religion.  I recently finished a piece on how Kant’s theory of consciousness was received by both Romantics and Idealists, and how it became the central locus for understanding religion in the late 18th and 19th centuries.  That piece is grouped with others in my page on the reception of Kant.  I also have a couple of recent pieces on Kant’s religion, and some further work on Schleiermacher.  

I am now back to teaching.  This semester (Spring 2020) I’m teaching Ancient Philosophy and the graduate level Dissertation Seminar.  The limited time I now have for research is now devoted to my book on Kant’s first Critique. That book is an extended treatment of Kant’s theory of consciousness and its implications for the subject of personal identity.  A description can be found here

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