Great Lakes String Conference

Purdue University 2012            [Photos]


Talk archive.


Chairman: Akikazu Hashimoto (Wisconsin)

Phil Szepietowski   (Virginia)     

          "On N=2 truncations of IIB on T1,1"  [pdf]

Arkady Tseytlin       (Imperial)   

          "Semi-classical approach to string spectrum in AdS/CFT" [pdf]

Benjamin Basso       (Princeton)    

      " Scaling dimensions at small spin" [pdf]

Shlomo Razamat        (IAS)          

      "N=2 superconformal index and relativistic Calogero - Sutherland models" [pdf]

Sebastian Franco         (Durham)       

      "Dimer Models, Integrable Systems and Gauge Theory"  [pdf]

Mohammed Mia            (Columbia)     

     "Non-extremality, chemical potential and the infrared limit of large N QCD" [pdf]

Pallab Basu        (Kentucky)       

       "Quantum quench across holographic critical points"


Morning session

Chairman: Georgios Michalogiorgakis (Purdue)

Philip Argyres     (Cincinnati)   

        "Semi-classical realizations of IR renormalons" [pdf]

Radu Roiban      (Penn State)    

       "Nonplanar amplitudes in beta-deformed N=4 SYM" [pdf]

Alex Buchel      (Perimeter/UWO) 

       "Quantum quenches" [pdf]

Henriette Elvang      (Michigan)      

"On the a-theorem"


Afternoon session

Chairman: Peter Ouyang (Purdue)

Al Shapere     (Kentucky)      

           "Time Crystals" [pdf]

Sergei Khlebnikov  (Purdue)        

           "Critical current of a superconducting wire via gauge/gravity duality"  [pdf]

Sheldon Katz        (Illinois)     

           "(0,2) Quantum Cohomology" [pdf]

Akikazu Hashimoto   (Wisconsin)    

"Dynamical supersymmetry breaking for field theories in 2+1 dimensions" [pdf]

Savdeep Sethi       (Chicago)       

"Quantum Compactifications" [pdf]


Student session

Chairman: Al Shapere (Kentucky)

Archisman Ghosh       (Kentucky)      

             "Chaos in String theory" [pdf]

Callum Quigley     (Chicago)       

             "Constraints on String Cosmology" [pdf]

Sannah Ziama       (Purdue)        

             "Euclidean Wilson Loops in AdS/CFT" [pdf]

Ryo Saotome     (Michigan)      

              "Long distance Properties of Perturbative Quantum Gravity" [pdf]

Anindya Dey         (Austin)        

              "On three dimensional mirror symmetry" [pdf]

Peter Koroteev    (Minnesota)     

    "Quantum dynamics of Low energy theory on semilocal non-abelian Strings" [pdf]

Cheng Peng        (Michigan)      

             "Symmetries of Holographic Super-Minimal Models" [pdf]


Chairman: Philip Argyres (Cincinnati)

James Alsup      (Michigan-Flint) 

        "Holographic superconductors at low temperature" [pdf]

Sumit Das            (Kentucky)     

     "Sp(N) vector models and large-N duality " [pdf]

David Turton     (Ohio State)     

      "New gravity duals of states in the D1-D5 CFT" [pdf]

Samir Mathur     (Ohio State)     

      "Cosmic acceleration from fuzzball evolution" [pdf]