About Me

I have a tremendous interest in working with people from many disciplines and getting an opportunity to learn even more. My educational background is in Computer Science and Applied Math. Currently, I am a NSF GRFP Fellow working on my PhD in Computer Science at Purdue University. Click 'More' to read more about me!


I have been involved in many disciplines when it comes to research. I love interdisciplinary research but the core of the research I do is Computer Science. I currently work on machine learning methods using genetics data to draw inferences about ancestry and diseases


My career goal is to become a research scientist in an industry setting. I believe that with the toolset and skills that I will obtain throughout graduate school will apply very nicely to some of the interesting and challenging problems in the world. Ultimately, I want to be happy in the life that I make and feel that I have been able to make a difference.

Contact Me

Address: 305 N University St, West Lafayette, IN 47907 LWSN 3133 #13

Mobile: 317-797-5663

Email: mcburch@purdue.edu

Alternate Email: mysonburch@gmail.com