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I first met my lovely wife Heesun in the undergraduate major class (Digital Circuit Experiments ERE42345) at KHU in 2007 that both of us were taking as a sophomore and a senior, respectively. After she received her B.S. degree in Electronics engineering at the same university in 2010, she worked for Maxon Motor Korea as a sales engineer. Because of her job and major, she has a thorough knowledge about the current trend of the global robot industry. Also, since she is good at mathematics, we are often working together on my difficult math problems:) I always thank my half for standing by me and for helping me overcome all problems in my study as well as in daily life. I wish we would be happy together forever!

In January 2014, I finally became a father of a baby girl, Hailey Yuna Min. She is adorable and seeing her for the first time was beyond words. I think she is the cutest baby in the entire world and now is the happiest time in my life, definitely.

In February 2016, my lovely second daughter, Riley Seohyun Min, came to us. It's truly emotional moment. Now I have two princesses and hope the two sisters become the best friend for one another for their entire life.




I really love playing baseball.  My love for this sport has begun since I was in an elementary school. My two older brothers influenced me a lot for my baseball life. specifically, my second oldest brother who is still playing a baseball twice a week as a key player of the best armature team in South Korea. They always took me outside and had me pitch/hit/catch a baseball as they also loved a baseball and it had to be at least more than two people required to fully enjoy playing baseball. Anyway, since that time, I have fallen in love with a baseball.  I always look forward to that day when I play baseball because I can do a play and share my enthusiasm and spirit with my teammates. I really hope that I can continue playing this lovely sport forever in my life.




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