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About Us

Our Mission

Purdue MIND’s purpose is to promote and grow the biomedical engineering community at Purdue by providing undergraduate students the opportunity to engage in hands-on activities, discuss current research, and network with a wide range of faculty both within and outside of Purdue including professors, physicians, and engineers. We are a unique, multidisiplinary student organization that seeks to innovate and develop medical technology. Our overall goals are listed below:

  1. To give Purdue undergraduates extensive experience with medical technology market research, design, prototyping, validation, regulatory approval, intellectual property management, and transition to market.
  2. To allow highly motivated students to network with each other and with professors and medical professionals and to collaborate on a significant, long-term, medically-focused project.
  3. To recognize the work done on the project through submission to national design competition(s).


At the heart of Purdue MIND is our passion for learning about the symbiosis between medicine and engineering. We strive to develop solutions that will make a global impact.


We are a multi-disciplinary organization that incorporates a variety of majors into high functioning think tanks to develop unique answers to modern day issues.


By providing undergraduate students with connections through other students, professors, and medical professionals, we give them the necessary tools to broaden their networks.


Our collaborative approach to design helps allocate work into specialized design teams. The coalescence of these teams allows us to present our projects in national design competitions.

2019-2020 Exec Board

Damen Wilson

President, BME '22

Pragna Upputuri

Vice President, BME ‘21

Jenna Munshi

Secretary, Pre Med ‘22

Parker van Emmerik

Treasurer, BME ’21

Scott Kenning

Director of Research & Development, EE ‘22

Tony Vukovich

Director of Entrepreneurship & Innovation, BME ‘21

Diana Sarrico

Director of Networking & Events, ME ‘22


Orlando Hoilett

Graduate Advisor

Hyowon Lee Ph.D.

Purdue Faculty Advisor

Weekly Updates

January 23, 2020: First Meeting of Spring Semester!

The teams are in full swing! Each project is divided into a few teams. Please contact your team leader with any questions.

December 2019

The teams are in the beginning stages of design for both ideas, and we also have a team dedicated to further improving our Verti-Fix project from last year.


November 2019

We are moving forward with our top two most popular ideas, the smart sleeve and trans-metatarsal foot prosthetic.


September-October 2019

We have begun ideation for our project of the year.



Past Projects

Purdue MIND was started in the Fall of 2015 and since then has worked on a variety of different medical device designs.

2015-2016: The Smart Sock

The smart sock is a smart compression stocking for monitoring chronic venous insufficiency. The Smart Sock consists of a novel and non-invasive method of monitoring and treating CVI in the legs that provides convenient, objective and continuous measurements of relative fluid distribution levels and blood flow using bioimpedance spectroscopy (BIS) and reflective red and infrared pulse oximetry.

2016-2017: ExoMIND Glove

The ExoMIND Glove is a stroke rehabilitation device used to generate biofeedback for physical therapists and patients. It is a is a wearable device equipped with 7 accelerometers that are used to quantify forearm, wrist, and finger angles and prompts the user through motions in order to gauge range of motion and detect muscle activity which can be used by the physical therapist.

2017-2018: Ambient Sound Bracelet

The ambient sound bracelet is usable by the hard-of-hearing population. The device may be used to obtain a visual and/or vibratory representation of the local sound environment on the user’s wrist. The device will notify the wearer to significant changes in the local auditory environment.

2018-2019: Verti-Fix

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo is a common disease, affecting an estimated 107 people out of every 100,000. Only vestibular specialists can perform the Dix-Hallpike Maneuver on the patient to diagnose and the Epley Maneuver to correct it. Verti-Fix aims to guide an ER doctor or a patient with chronic BPPV through the steps of both these maneuvers to make sure patients get the care they need.


Check out our weekly updates to see our progress!


We would love to hear from you and get you involved!

Find Us At

206 S Martin Jischke Dr, West Lafayette, IN 47907

Want To Join Us?

Come to one of our callouts during the beginning of the fall semester or the B-Involved Fairs! We will be at the Spring 2020 B-Involved Fair on January 15, 2020 at Krach Leadership Center from 5-7 pm. Check out our calendar for our meeting dates/times or email us at purdueuniversitymind@gmail.com with any questions! 

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