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John Locke
"Locke on Descartes on Unavoidable Thoughts"

"Locke’s Distinctions Between Primary and Secondary Qualities,” in The Cambridge Companion to Locke’s Essay, edited by Lex Newman.
                          Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2007    
“The Epistemology Under Locke’s Corpuscularianism,” Archiv f_r Geschichte der Philosophie, 84 (2002): 161-89.  Link to the official version.
Lockean Fluids” in Contemporary Perspectives on Early Modern Philosophy: Essays in Honor of Vere Chappell, edited by Paul Hoffman,
                          David Owen, and Gideon Yaffe. Peterborough, Ontario:  Broadview Press, 2008                          
“Locke on the Propria of Body,”
British Journal for the History of Philosophy, 15 (2007): 485-511 Author Posting. (c) Taylor & Francis, 2007.
                          This is the author's version of the work. It is posted here by permission of Taylor & Francis for personal use, not for redistribution.
                          The definitive version was published in British Journal for the History of Philosophy, Volume 15 Issue 3, August 2007.
Incidentally, part of a quotation was lost in the editorial process.  On p. 503 of the official version, after "Locke demurs:" the  quotation should begin "I do not take them to flow from the substance in any created being, but to be in"                             

"Locke on Perception" in A Companion to Locke, edited by Matthew Stuart. Blackwell Publishing, forthcoming
"Locke and the Visual Array" in Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, 85 (2012): 69-91  
“Locke’s Resemblance Theses,”  Philosophical Review, 108 (1999): 461-96   JSTOR                        

“Locke on the Semantics of Secondary Quality Words: A Reply to Matthew Stuart,” Philosophical Review, 116 (2007): 633-45
“Locke’s Construction of the Idea of Power,” Studies in the History and Philosophy of Science, 34A (2003): 329-50.  Purdue accessible link to the official version.
 “Cambridge Changes of Color,” Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, 81 (2000): 142-63  
Other Papers in the History of Philosophy

"Hume’s Vicious Regress” in Oxford Studies in Early Modern Philosophy, edited by Daniel Garber and Steven Nadler. Oxford University Press, 2010.  On line 5 of page 259 in the published version, I meant to write  'naturally related' instead of 'really related.'
"How Berkeley Corrupted His Capacity to Conceive," Philosophia, 37 (2009): 415-29 (The link is to Springer's site.)
"Remarks on Smalligan Marusic's Comments," Philosophia, 37 (2009): 437-39 (The link is to Springer's site.)

"Annotations to the Speech of the Muses (Plato Republic 546b-c),”
with Kathleen McNamee, Zeitschrift f_r Papyrologie und Epigraphik 144 (2003): 31-50   JSTOR   

Non-Historical or Mostly Non-Historical Papers                       

“Experiences as Complex Events,” The Southern Journal of Philosophy, 48 (2010):141-59                       

“Do Experiences Represent?”  Inquiry, 53 (2010): 87-103                    
 “How is Descartes’s Argument Against Skepticism Better Than Putnam’s?,” Philosophical Quarterly, 57 (2007): 593-612 (The link is to
                          Blackwell's site.  If you want to read the paper, but you don't have access, e-mail me, and I'll send you a copy.)

Review of Hume, Holism, and Miracles, Hume's Abject Failure, and A Defense of Hume on Miracles, Philosophical Review, 117 (2008): 142-47
Review of Primary and Secondary Qualities: The Historical and Ongoing Debate, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews (2011)
Review of John Locke & Natural Philosophy, Metascience, 22 (2013): 10-14