The CCI Solar Project: Powering the Planet

An NSF Center for Chemical Innovation

I'm proud to announce a three year collaboration with the CCI Solar project. This is an NSF funded Center for Chemical Innovation that is seeking to harness solar energy and store it as hydrogen fuel by breaking apart water atoms. This is a collaboration of many researchers at locations such as Caltech, MIT, Purdue, Texas A&M, and many others. (A complete listing can be found at the CCI Solar web site.)

Our part of the collaboration will be to bring the new concepts and ideas developed by the CCI team in an exciting, understandable manner. In addtion to videos about the basic concepts involved in the research, I'll be interviewing team members to have them explain their part in the overall program. Videos about the project will be listed here, as well as with the main body of videos elsewhere on the web site.

-Dr. Carlson

Prof. Nathan Lewis of Caltech gives an overview of the need and the goals of the CCI Solar project.

CCI collaboration members:

NSF grant number - CHE-0802907