I'm glad you found your way to the home of the best science demonstrations on the web. Watch me risk life, limb, and dignity as I try to explain some of the coolest concepts in science. Pull up a chair, grab some Mentos and a drink (non-carbonated, of course), and stay awhile...

-Dr. Carlson


Science Theater is now up on YouTube! Great news for anyone who's had trouble downloading the videos from this site. That adds yet another way to stay up to date on new developments here at Science Theater Land (rollercoaster coming soon - NOT!). Head on over to the Subscribe Page for advice on how to get notified whenever a new video is posted. You can now follow us on YouTube, iTunes, through an RSS feed, or even get an email when new videos are posted. iTunes and the RSS feed remain the most up to date method, but YouTube will eventually contain all the newest episodes as well.

The other big announcement is a collaboration with the NSF funded Center for Chemical Innovation - Solar Power. This is a large collaboration between many universities and research labs. Science Theater will be partnering with them to bring you the latest developments in this search for clean, cheap solar power through the development of better ways of harnessing the sun's energy and storing it as hydrogen fuel. Check out the CCI Solar page for a listing of interviews and episodes about developments for this exciting technology.

Featured Youtube Video: States of Matter

Sure, gas-liquid-solid... you've seen it all before, but have you seen air as a gas, air as a liquid, and air as a solid? Dr. Carlson explains the three most common states of matter and shows off how to make a snowcone out of Nitrogen gas.