How to Subscribe

Clicking on the link to my page is wearing you out? Here are some options to help you set things up so that you will always be alerted when new Dr. Carlson videos are placed online. Cut out the middle man and save big money! We reduced our profit margin and now pass the savings on to you! (All three options are free, of course...)

-Dr. Carlson

Subscribe and watch on YouTube

Perhaps the easiest option, head over to and click on the "Subscribe" option. Then you will be notified whenever new videos are posted up on the YouTube site.

Subscribe through iTunes

Another easy option, subscribing through iTunes will allow iTunes to automatically download any new videos as they are posted on the internet. Note, that this won't work unless you already have iTunes installed on your system. Since episodes appear on iTunes before they appear anywhere else, this is the best way to keep up with the very latest in Science Theater videos.

Subscribe through an RSS feed

For those who enjoy using RSS readers to be notified of new internet content, you can subscribe directly to the Dr. Carlson's Science Theater RSS feed.

Subscribe via Email

If neither option above suits your fancy, you can also subscribe via email. When you subscribe, you will recieve an email in your inbox whenever new videos or other updates are posted.

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