Muhammad Ihsanulhaq Sarfraz
Purdue University
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
465 Northwestern Avenue
Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN 47906
msarfraz (at) purdue (dot) edu
mihsansarfraz (at) gmail (dot) com

Welcome to my academic homepage! I'm a Ph.D. student in Computer Engineering, at Purdue University. My research interests lie in the areas of: secure systems and applied cryptography, distributed systems, databases, and cloud computing.


  1. "DBMask: Cryptographically Enforced Expressive Fine-Grained Access Control on Encrypted Relational Databases",
    Muhammad I. Sarfraz, Nabeel Mohammed, Jianneng Cao, Elisa Bertino
    In Transactions on Data Privacy, 2016.

  2. "Risk-Aware Management of Virtual Resources in Access Controlled Service-oriented Cloud Datacenters",
    A. Almutairi, Muhammad I. Sarfraz, Arif Ghafoor
    In IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing, 2015. To Appear!

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  3. "A Framework for Composition and Enforcement of Privacy-aware and Context-driven Authorization Mechanism for Multimedia Big Data",
    Arjmad Samuel, Muhammad I. Sarfraz, Hammad Haseeb, Saleh Basalamah, Arif Ghafoor
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  4. "A Distributed Access Control Architecture for Cloud Computing",
    A. Almutairi, Muhammad I. Sarfraz, Saleh Basalamah, Walid Aref, Arif Ghafoor
    In IEEE Software, 2012. 93 cites in Google Scholar on 10/16/2016!

  1. "DBMask: Preserving Confidentiality and Privacy of Data in Cloud",
    Muhammad I. Sarfraz, Nabeel Mohammed, Jianneng Cao, Elisa Bertino
    In ACM CODASPY, March 2015. Oustanding Paper Award!

  2. "CRIS: Computational Research Infrastructure for Science",
    Eduard Dragut, Peter Baker, Jia Xu, Muhammad. I. Sarfraz, Elisa Bertino, Amgad Madhkour, Raghu Agarwal, Ahmed R. Mahmood, Sangchun Han
    In IEEE IRI, August 2013.

  3. "A Comprehensive Access Control System for Scientific Applications",
    Muhammad I. Sarfraz, Peter Baker, Jia Xu, Elisa Bertino
    In Springer NSS, June 2013.

  4. "Capturing Image Outlines Using Spline Computing Approach",
    Muhammad Sarfraz, Muhammad I. Sarfraz
    In IEEE SITIS, November 2009.


Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Ph.D. Intern
Sunnyvale, California
Summer 2017
Summer Research Graduate Fellowship (SURF), Graduate Assistant
College of Engineering, Purdue University
Summer 2017
Problem Solving and Object-Oriented Programming (CS 180), Teaching Assistant
Computer Science, Purdue University
Spring 2017
Sapelo Square, Web Developer
Fall 2016
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Labs, Ph.D. Intern
Palo Alto, California
May 2016 - August 2016
Introduction to Cryptography (CS 355), Teaching Assistant
Computer Science, Purdue University
Spring 2016
Global Assessment Platform, Web Developer
Engineering Education, Purdue University
Spring 2015 - Summer 2016
Computer Security (CS 426), Teaching Assistant
Computer Science, Purdue University
Fall 2014
Computational Research Infrastructure for Science, Web Developer
Cyber Center, Purdue University
August 2012 to May 2014
C++ & Assembly Language Programming, Teaching Assistant
Computer Engineering, American University of Sharjah
January 2010 to May 2010
Ericsson, Student Intern
Headquarters, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
June 2008 to September 2008


External Reviewer: IEEE TKDE, IEEE TCC, IEEE TSC, Springer AJSE
Graduate Fellowship Award : American University of Sharjah
Outstanding Paper Award : ACM CODASPY 2015
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