Krannert School of Management
MGMT306-0601: Management Science (Fall 2002)

Course Information
Title: Management Science Semester: Fall 2002 Weeks 1-16
Number: MGMT306-0601 Credits: (3 - 3)
Program: Undergraduate Program Times: Lecture:TR 4:30-5:45 in KRAN G018
Area: Management Education

Course Professors & Admins
NameRoleEmailPhone Office/Hours
Srinivasan, KarthikTeaching Assistant
Gupta, NitinGrader
Tawarmalani, MohitProfessor 765-496-2620

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Course Description

The field of management science focuses on the formulation, analysis, and implementation of quantitative methods to support effective management decision making. This course will introduce you to mathematical modeling, solutions of models, and interpretation of results.

This course will particularly emphasize the "art" of formulating decision problems as optimization models. The student will be required to formulate, solve, and interpret optimization models for applications from various areas of management including operations management, marketing, accounting and finance.

Policies and Requirements

Class participation is crucial for learning the course content and for keeping in pace with the class progress.
1) You should be prepared for each class and should try to contribute to class discussions. Active and cooperative learning will be encouraged. During the lecture, you are expected to answer/raise questions, and participate in small-group activities such as modeling and solving problems, and interpreting solutions.
2) You should read the assigned sections from the textbook and any other course material, such as case problems, that is posted on Catalyst.
3) Attendance will be taken on randomly selected class dates and will constitute part of your participation grade.

You will apply the concepts learnt in class to a variety of problems. You will formulate, solve and analyze models with the help of the Excel Solver. The assignments have been taken from the textbook (Anderson, Sweeney and Williams) unless specified otherwise.

Homework assignments must be prepared individually or in a group of two students from the same section. Only one report must be submitted for the group.
1) All assignments should be prepared professionally. Every assignment must include your (and your partners) name and section time. Computer results should be neatly displayed. Unorganized, illegible, or incomplete assignments will not be graded.
2) Homeworks will be due on Thursdays of the designated week specified in the outline. They have already been posted on Catalyst. However, they may be altered until the Thursday of the previous week. Late assignments will not be accepted.
3) Homework solutions will be posted on the course web page on the following Friday morning. The lowest homework grade will be dropped.

Short, 10 to 15 minute quizzes will be given periodically throughout the semester on the Tuesdays in the designated weeks specified in the outline
1) The quiz will be based on the material covered in the previous homework and will mostly emphasize recently discussed material.
2) Quizzes will be closed book and notes. Each student will be allowed a single sheet (8.5” x 11”, double sided) of hand-written notes for each quiz. Auxiliary tables and formulas will only be included if required.
3) No make-up quizzes will be given.
4) Quiz solutions will be posted on the course calendar on the following Wednesday morning. The lowest quiz grade will be dropped

Case Reports
You will apply the concepts learnt in class to a real-life case problem. You will work in a group of four (at least three) students (from the same section) and analyze the case in two parts. Each group must submit a case report for each part.
1) The reports must be prepared in a professional manner and must include all the students’ name and section time. Computer results should be attached in a neat and informative manner as an appendix. Unorganized, illegible, or incomplete assignments will not be graded.
2) The reports will be collected at the beginning of the class, on November 7th and 26th respectively. Late reports will not be accepted.
3) Your case grade will depend on the evaluation of your contributions by your team members and on the report grades.

Two evening exams and a final exam will be administered as scheduled in the course outline. Examinations will be closed book and notes.
1) Each student will be allowed a single 8.5” x 11” sheet of handwritten “crib” notes for the evening examination. Three such sheets of crib notes will be allowed for the final exam. No photocopies or computer printouts will be allowed.
2) No make-up exams will be given unless required by Purdue University policies. Students who are eligible for a make-up exam or need extra time must contact the instructor at least one week prior to the exam date.

Grading Policy
The following elements of your coursework will be used to evaluate your performance in MGMT 306:

Class Participation 5%
Case Reports 5%
Homework 15%
In-class Quiz 15%
Examination 1 (Oct. 2, 2002) 20%
Examination 2 (Nov. 12, 2002) 20%
Final Examination 20%

Course Honor Principle
We expect and encourage students to discuss readings, computer exercises, homework exercises, and other course content with their classmates. Such discussions constitute a valuable aspect of the student's own learning experience. However, all work counted towards the students’ grade, including the homework exercises, case reports, quizzes, and examinations must be prepared/answered solely by the individual student or the group members submitting it. Photocopied homework solutions and/or computer printouts will not be accepted. In addition, students are expected to prepare homework and other instructional materials without using materials or advice from students who have taken the course previously.

Examinations and quizzes will be closed book and notes. Auxiliary tables and formulas will be included if deemed necessary by the course coordinator. However, each student will be allowed a single 8.5” x 11” sheet for each quiz and evening examination and three such sheets of handwritten "crib" notes for the final exam (no photocopies or computer printouts). Cheating in any form will not be tolerated. Any student caught cheating will be censured in full accordance with Purdue University policies. Students are strongly recommended to read the academic integrity guide published by the Office of the Dean of Students at

Text Books, Cases, and Readings
Title:Selected Chapters from Contemporary Management Science
Author:Anderson, Sweeney and Williams
Edition:Custom, 2002
Publisher:Thomson Publishing

Included below is the tentative schedule for Fall 2002. For attachments you need to log into Catalyst.

Course Events
Tuesday: Aug, 20 2002
Reading:Course Introduction - Syllabus
 Attached word file contains detailed outline
Reading:Chapter 1 Handout
Thursday: Aug, 22 2002
Class Topic:Chapter 2 Handout
Tuesday: Aug, 27 2002
Announcement:Help Session
 6:30-7:30pm, UNIV 117.
Our TA, Karthik, will answer your questions on HW1 and solve example exercises.
Thursday: Aug, 29 2002
Class Topic:Chapter 3: Handout
Class Topic:Excel files for Chapter 3
 The excel files for Example 1, Olympic Bike and Make/Buy Examples in Chapter 3 are attached.
Thursday: Sep, 05 2002
Assignment Due:HW 1 and its solution
Tuesday: Sep, 10 2002
Quiz:Quiz 1 and Solution
 Topics: Graphical Solution Method for Linear Programming
Announcement:Help Session
 6:30-7:30pm, UNIV 117.
Our TA, Karthik, will answer your questions on HW2 and solve example exercises.
Class Topic:Chapter 4 Handout
Thursday: Sep, 12 2002
Assignment Due:HW 2
1) Answer all 7 questions from the case problem
2) Note the change to the seventh part in attached word document
3) Plot Radio ads on y-axis and TV ads on x-axis
4) All explanations should be based on LP knowledge learnt.
5) Use the original problem data for addressing part v.
6) It is recommended that you use graph paper and draw accurately
7) This problem is to be solved graphically, not using Excel.
Class Topic:Excel lab session
 Using the excel solver for linear programming and sensitivity analysis, Lab I/Lab II 7th Floor. Excel files updated on Wednesday 12:30PM
Tuesday: Sep, 17 2002
Quiz:Quiz 2
 Topics: LP sensitivity by graphical method
Thursday: Sep, 19 2002
Assignment Due:HW 3
- Question 1: Answer all of parts a,b,c,d,e using the Excel Solver outputs.
- Question 2: Answer all of parts a,b,c using the Excel Solver outputs.
- Question 3: Write only the LP formulation. Do NOT answer parts a,b,c,d.
Tuesday: Sep, 24 2002
Quiz:Quiz 3
 Topics: LP modeling
Wednesday: Oct, 02 2002
Exam:EXAM 1
 7:00PM - 8:30 PM
Thursday: Oct, 17 2002
Class Topic:Lab Session II
 Using Excel solver for Integer Programming Problems
Thursday: Oct, 24 2002
Assignment Due:HW 4
Tuesday: Oct, 29 2002
Quiz:Quiz 4
 Topics: IP formulation
Thursday: Oct, 31 2002
Assignment Due:HW 5
Tuesday: Nov, 05 2002
Quiz:Quiz 5
 Topics: Network Models
Thursday: Nov, 07 2002
Assignment Due:Case Report 1
Tuesday: Nov, 12 2002
Exam:EXAM 2
Thursday: Nov, 21 2002
Assignment Due:HW 6
Tuesday: Nov, 26 2002
Quiz:Quiz 6
 Topics: Project Management
Assignment Due:Case Report 2