Convexification and Global Optimization in Continuous and Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Programming

Theory, Algorithms, Software, and Applications

Authors: Mohit Tawarmalani and Nikolaos V. Sahinidis

click for book order information This book provides an insightful and comprehensive treatment of convexification and global optimization of continuous and mixed-integer nonlinear programs. Developed with the needs of students, researchers, and practitioners in mind, this well-balanced and thought-provoking book covers theory, algorithms, software, and applications in a variety of areas, including molecular design, process and product design, facility location, and supply chain design and operation. The book is liberally illustrated, extensively referenced, and offers a rich collection of models, applications, and numerical examples. For more information, refer to the sample pages. Information for ordering is available at the Springer website. Amazon link

Most of the results described in the book can be reproduced using GAMS/BARON, which is an integrated version of BARON with the GAMS Development Environment. GAMS models described in the book are provided below:

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