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Swing 1:



Onur Gurrrrrrr

My name is Onur. I've been dancing as long as dino's have roamed the world. I do not smile very often and I complain when people don't come to my office hours. I'm just a grumpy guy who likes to dance. Come spend time with me!


Jane Lund Andersen

I have been dancing Lindy hop in my hometown Aarhus, Denmark for around 3 years now. I was immediately caught by this dance and signed up for my first out-of-town workshop the day I started dancing. Since then I have been active in both arranging workshops and social dances in my homescene as well as travelling to participate in events around northern Europe. I am excited to meet a lot of new dancers while I am visiting Purdue and to share my joy of dancing through teaching.


Erin-Nicole Sample

Erin-Nicole Sample

I've been swing dancing for only a year, but I've been doing other types of dancing since I was born. I am also the safe spaces coordinator, so you can come to me with any concerns! I am the president of the Episcopal Student Association and the Peer Minister Chapel of the Good Shepherd. Swing dance and my church are my two passions. I can't wait to meet yalls!


Andres Casanas

My interest in swing started my senior year of higschool; I ran into a music video where people were swing dancing and I immediately wanted to learn. I initially learned through youtube until I joined Night Train my sophomore year. I am now a senior and have taken up argentine tango and other partner dances as well as swing.

Blues 1:



Kayla Welch

Kayla began swing dancing at Purdue University in 2009, and it was love at first swing out. Since then she has become obsessed with dancing and travelling. Her true passion, however, is teaching. Whether she is teaching Lindy Hop, Blues, or Charleston, her dedication to her students shows in every lesson. Kayla wants her students to have a good time, but she also wants to challenge them. She encourages them to use their creativity to make each step their own instead of simply mimicking the moves they are learning. She hopes that all of her students leave class feeling that they have grown as dancers.


Nick Griffiths

As a member of Purdue Night Train since 2011, Nick's love for dance and the dance community is pretty big to say the least. A lover of blues music and blues dance aesthetic he just can't get enough of the dance! He prides himself on his love for instructing, getting to know his students, and attention to detail. His personal mantra when teaching is humor + fun = a great learning experience. He welcomes everyone to come out to his class and have a fun time learning an awesome dance form.

Swing 2:

Thursdays (September)

Queen Carena

Carena Hasara

Howdy, folks! My name is Carena. I'm one of the Swing 2 instructors this fall. I've been dancing for about 3 years now and really enjoy it (when I make the time). I love cats, coffee, and craft beer. Come talk to me about anything from Dungeons and Dragons to film photography!


Allie Barnes

Allie has been swing dancing at Purdue for 3 years. Ever since she was a freshman in high school, she enjoyed listening to music from Frank Sinatra to Ella Fitzgerald, and so this love for music turned into a search for how to move to it! She started dancing at Fountain Square in Indy, and then quickly joined Night Train in the fall of her freshman year. Allie's absolute favorite style is Lindy Hop.


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