Department of Forestry & Natural Resources

Department of Forestry & Natural Resources

Regeneration and Restoration
Silviculture Laboratory

Regeneration and Restoration
Silviculture Laboratory

Laboratory Director

Douglass F. Jacobs

Dr. Jacobs is the Fred M. van Eck Professor of Forest Biology and Associate Head in the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources (FNR) at Purdue University. He directs a research program studying development forest regeneration to promote reforestation and ecological restoration. Emphasis is on improving understanding of the functional mechanisms that drive growth responses in juvenile forest trees. He received his Ph.D. from the College of Forestry at Oregon State University, his M.S. degree from the Warnell School of Forest Resources at the University of Georgia, and an undergraduate degree from Emory University. He joined the faculty at Purdue in 2001. During 2008-2009, Dr. Jacobs worked as a Visiting Professor at the School of Forest Engineering (Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros de Montes) at the Technological University of Madrid (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid) in Spain. He serves as Editor-in-Chief of New Forests, an international journal on the biology, biotechnology, and management of afforestation and reforestation. In 2011, Dr. Jacobs was named a Purdue University Faculty Scholar — an award that recognizes mid-career faculty who are on an accelerated path to distinction. In 2012, he was named the Fred M. van Eck Chair of Forest Biology, the first Endowed Chair position in FNR.

Curriculum Vitae

Current Students & Staff
Graduate Students

Andrea Brennan, Ph.D. Student

Technological, ecological, and societal approaches to restoration of a threatened tree species: The case of butternut (Juglans cinerea L.) and hybrid butternut (Juglans × bixbyi Rehd.)

Lilian Ayala Jacobo, M.S. Student

Cold tolerance and genetic diversity of populations of Acacia koa from different altitudes

Madeline Montague, M.S. Student

Belowground interactions in mixed hardwood forests containing American chestnut

Rebekah Ohara, Ph.D. Student

Community Managed forest in Hawai‘i: Opportunities Under Contemporary Land Tenure and Sociopolitical Contexts

Caleb Redick, M.S. Student

Hardwood forest restoration including mitigation of animal browsing damage of oaks and chestnuts

José Angel Sigala Rodriguez, Ph.D. Student

Drought resistance of Pinus ponderosa seedlings in response to organic N vs inorganic N fertilization

Weston Schempf, Ph.D. Student

Interactions of hardwood nursery stock types and site preparation on mine reclamation success

Emily Thyroff, M.S. Student

Restoration of live oak (Quercus virginiana) to maritime forests in the southeastern United States

Andrei Toca, Ph.D. Student

Tolerance and ecophysiological strategies of Iberian pines at juvenile stages to low temperature and nutrient availability

Mariam Valladares, M.S. Student

Landscape transitions and socioeconomic drivers as predictors of fire frequency in Mediterranean ecosystems

Post Doctoral Researchers

Nathan Lichti, Ph.D.

Prediction and management of American chestnut stand dynamics with natural regeneration and blight-induced mortality

Anna Sugiyama, Ph.D.

Application of intraspecific variation in functional traits for forest restoration in Acacia koa

Visiting Scientists

Indira Paudel, Ph.D.

Acacia koa seedling response to co-limitation of multiple resources

Laboratory Alumni
Graduate Students

Zonda Birge, M.S., 2005

Nutrient loading and retranslocation response of oak seedlings

Caleb Brown, M.S., 2012

van Eck Scholar

American chestnut drought tolerance under varying light conditions.

Mindy Bumgarner, M.S., 2007

van Eck Scholar

Propagation of Quercus rubra container seedlings using subirrigation

Owen Burney, Ph.D., 2011

Terpene biosynthesis and growth allocation of Pacific Northwest conifers

Phillip Crystal, M.S., 2013

Response of butternut and associated hybrids to drought, flooding, and cold stress

Anthony Davis, Ph.D., 2006

van Eck Scholar

Photoperiod manipulation during nursery culture: effects on Quercus rubra seedling development and responses to post-transplant stresses

Kyle Earnshaw, Ph.D., 2017

Plasticity and heterophyly in Acacia koa: Implications for restoration and gap silviculture

Charlotte Freeman, M.S., 2015

Combined impacts of invasive honeysuckle and deer browse on restoration vegetative dynamics

Martin Gauthier, Ph.D., 2008

van Eck Scholar

Morphological and physiological responses of fine hardwood tree species to plantation thinning

Rosa Goodman, M.S., 2009

van Eck Scholar

Nitrogen fertilization of intensively managed Juglans nigra plantations in west-central Spain

Safi Khurram, M.S., 2015

Use of plastic beverage bottles as an alternative container type for propagating forest tree seedlings

Jennifer Lesko, M.S., 2017

Conversion of introduced conifer plantations to native hardwoods

Amy Miller, M.S., 2014

van Eck Scholar

Naturalized offspring from an 85-year-old Chinese chestnut (Castanea mollissima) planting: stand dynamics and genetic relationships

Robert Morrisey, M.S., 2006

Natural regeneration of clearcuts in the stem exclusion stage on the Hoosier National Forest

Michael Nicodemus, Ph.D., 2007

Nitrogen source effects on Juglans nigra seedling physiology

Justin Schmal, M.S., 2009

Exponential nitrogen fertilization of Quercus robur seedlings in County Carlow, Ireland

Joshua Sloan, Ph.D., 2011

van Eck Scholar

Examination of endogenous and exogenous physiological patterns of post-transplant Quercus rubra seedlings

Barrett Wilson, M.S., 2005

Physiological indicators of Juglans nigra seedling dormancy

Ryan Woods, M.S., 2008

Influence of density reduction on growth responses, stem quality, and understory dynamics in pole-size hardwood stands in the Hoosier National Forest

Phillip Woolery, M.S., 2010

van Eck Scholar

Influence of planting stocktype and simulated browse on Quercus rubra seedling development

Post Doctoral Researchers

Kent Apostol, 2005-2006

American chestnut biology and ecology

Arjan de Bruijn, 2011-2015

Forecasting carbon storage in eastern forests: interactions of pests, climate change, and American chestnut restoration

Harmony Dalgleish, 2011-2012

Drought stress physiology in newly outplanted trees

Anisul Islam, 2006-2009

Cold hardiness development in relation to nitrogen input

Jeanne DeNoyer Osnas, 2014-2016

Plant trait responses to global environmental changes

Amy Ross-Davis, 2006-2007

Evaluating nursery practices

Francis Salifu, 2004-2008

van Eck Scholar

Nursery nitrogen loading and retranslocation responses

Josh Sloan, 2011-2015

Nitrogen and carbon metabolism in forest trees

Mercedes Uscola, 2014-2018

Ecophysiology of Iberian pines in response to water and nutrient availability

Silvia Medina Villar, 2016-2017

Effects of exotic invasive trees on different soil properties (nutrient concentrations and mineralization rates) and communities (plants, animals and microorganisms) of riparian and fluvial ecosystems

Kevyn Wightman, 2002-2003

Seedling quality assessment

Visiting Scientists

John Kershaw, 2005-2006

Professor, University of New Brunswick, Canada

Stand Management

Magnus Löf, 2011

Professor, Swedish University of Agriculture Science

Bira Malavasi, 2011

Professor, Western Parana University, Brazil

Marlene Malavasi, 2011

Professor, Western Parana University, Brazil

Barbara Mariotti, 2012

Research Scientist, University of Florence, Italy

Juan Oliet, 2003-2004

Professor, University of Córdoba, Spain

Tree Physiology

Pedro Villar-Salvador, 2011

Professor, University of Alcalá, Spain

Tree Physiology

Mercedes Uscola, 2011

Ph.D. Student

University of Alcalá, Spain

Shucai Zeng, 2011

Professor, South China Agricultural University

Forest Ecology