To Water a Plant.

Task: To Water a Plant

Theme: The Time Machine

Step Count: 244

Result: Won 1st place at the Regional Competition. Won the People’s Choice at the Regional Competition. Did not Place at the National Competition.

Discussion: Due to some mishaps when either starting the machine or resetting the machine, it failed to run fully during the National competition. However, after judging had finished we were able to run the machine perfectly and set the Guinness World Record.

Purdue's PSPE 2011 Guinness World Record Breaking Rube Goldberg Machine (Perfect & Up-Close Runs)

The Purdue Society of Professional Engineers Rube Goldberg Team showing a successful complete run of the "The Time Machine" with a World Record Breaking 244 linear steps. The team now officially holds the Guinness World Record for "Longest Rube Goldberg Machine"! Congratulations to everyone involved, and thanks to everyone for all of their support.


Inside view of the machine

We based our theme off of time travelling and had each module depict a different period or significant event in history. In this image, we can see the age of the dinosaurs leading into the ice age.

Purdue's PSPE 2011 Guinness World Record Breaking Rube Goldberg Machine.

This is a video of The Time Machine at the competition. The machine is explained by the Zach Umperovitch