Hammer in a nail.

Task: Hammer in a nail

Theme: An Alternate Rube-ality

Step Count: 180

Result: Won 2nd place at the Regional Competition. Won the People’s Choice at the Regional Competition.

Discussion: This year the competition was tough and we wish the best of luck to the first place team.

Rotatory Engine system

This year we decided to not use any electricity to run our machine. As a result we had to develop a mechanical engine system to power our machine. The engine is designed off of a Geneva gear mechanism and powered by 200 pounds of falling lead weights.

Governor system

In order to control the speed of our engine we used a governor mechanism. This also was the primary connection between the engine and the two drive shafts that we used to turn each module on and off.


To switch from one module to another we needed a way to engage and disengage from the drive shaft. With this transmission, gears were rotated in and out of position to coordiante the entire machine.