Teaching Materials

  1. Additional reading may be necessary in order to become more knowledgeable in the area of issue analysis. The local high school or city/county librarian may be able to find books or Internet sites that will be of value. Key words that may help them locate desirable books are: Debate, Argumentation, Forensics, Issues, and Conflict Resolution.

  2. If your high school has a Forensics or Debating team you may want to ask their coach or sponsor if they have information that could also be of some assistance.

  3. Information sheets on Issue Analysis (What is an Issue?, Issue From a Problem, Analyze Issue, Gather Information, Determine Risks, Analysis Techniques, and Prepare Issue) have been developed for student use. The information sheets should contain all the necessary information needed to help students analyze the agricultural issues located in the remaining units or those identified by the students. Additional Teaching Resources (Transparency Masters (TM) and a PowerPoint presentation) are provided below which contain key points from each of the information sheets.

Teaching Resources

These files can be opened in Microsoft Word, changed, and printed off to be used with an overhead projector that cover the different sections seen in unit one.

This file can be opened in Microsoft PowerPoint, changed, printed off, or viewed from the internet link below. The information covered is from the overheads in this unit.