PLA Officers

PLA President
President: Alexis Zhou

Alexis is a third-year PhD student in the Department of Linguistics. Her research interests include Phonetics, specifically the phonetics of Chinese dialects, Second Language Acquisition, and Bilingualism. In her free time, she likes to play poker, go on walks with her dogs, and enjoy time with friends.

PLA Vice-President
Vice-President: Yuhyeon Seo

Yuhyeon is a third-year PhD student in the Department of Linguistics. His research interests include phonetics and phonology of second language (L2) learners and heritage speakers of Korean. Outside of graduate school, Yuhyeon enjoys watching baseball games and playing golf in the summer.

PLA Treasurer
Treasurer: Juliette Duthoit

Juliette is a fourth-year PhD student in French & Second Language Acquisition. She is interested in online language teaching and more specifically in oral proficiency and students' affect and attitude in an online environment. She also teaches basic French at Purdue both onlinen and face-to-face. Outside of school, she loves baking French patisseries for her friends, reading, watching way too many Asian dramas, and spending time in good company.

PLA Workshop Chair
Workshop Chair: Snezhanna Pankratova

Snezhanna is a third-year PhD student. She was born in Russia and studied in Japan for several years. Currently she works as a Japanese TA and her research interestests are second language acquisition, heritage language maintenance, sociolinguistics (language policy and language attitudes), and Japanese pedagogy. Outside of school, she enjoys scenic hiking, cycling, long walk, good Asian food, and reading on Kindle.

PLA Social Chair
Social Chair: Laura Solano Escobar

Laura is a second-year MA student in the linguistic program. Her concentration is Hispanic Linguistics. She is particularly interested in language acquisition and morphosyntax. She is currently working with heritage speakers and L2 learners. She teaches Spanish in the school of languages and cultures and coordinates the Aprendiendo a Leer Program. She says she has a sweet tooth. So, one of her favorite activities is making desserts and cooking. She also likes traveling and hanging out with friends.

PLA Media Director
Media Director: Austin Keen

Austin is a second-year MS student in the Department of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences. His research interests include sentence processing in healthy and speech-impaired populations, constituent order alternations, and linguistics of Sino-Tibetan and Japonic languages. Outside of school, he enjoys traveling to various East Asian countries, hiking in national parks, reading Fantasy books, and creating/updating websites.

PLA Faculty Advisor
Faculty Advisor: Alejandro Cuza

Dr. Alejandro Cuza is a Professor of Spanish and Linguistics and is the Chair of the Department of Linguistics at Purdue University. He is also the Director of the Second Language Acquisition and Bilingualism Research Lab. His research focuses are Spanish morphosyntax and semantics of second language learners, heritage speakers, and Spanish/English bilingual children. His other interests include language contact and change, Spanish in the U.S., and Cuban Spanish.