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Uniting PMEA with ME students & faculty Executive Board


Executive Committee
The role of the Executive Board is to provide leadership for all the ambassadors.
President: Serves as the main point of contact between faculty and PMEA, along with sponsors and companies interested in PMEA students.
Vice President: Coordinates the different committees and works towards making PMEA a more cohesive group by promoting social events.
Treasurer: Creates a comprehensive budget for PMEA and maintains accurate records of club funds and expenditures.
Secretary: Tracks attendance during PMEA meetings and ensures members are maintaining club requirements.

Promoting PMEA to ME students & across Purdue's campus Public Relations


Public Relations Committee
The role of the Public Relations committee is to promote PMEA events to the campus, community, and general public. PR is also responsible for keeping the bulletin board and website up to date, advertising PMEA across campus, as well as arranging the recruitment meeting for the semester.

Engaging with ME students on Purdue's campus Student Activities


Student Activities Committee
The role of the Student Activities Committee is to organize creative events for Mechanical Engineering students. Each member plans one event with the help of the committee and other ambassadors such as the ME Female Social, Donut Days, Recess, ME After Dark, and Cookies and Milk Day. SA is also responsible for planning social activities within PMEA.

Inspiring youth to explore ME and engineering Outreach


Outreach Committee
The role of the Outreach Committee is to teach future generations of engineers about the fun of being an engineer, giving them hands-on experience and a new perspective. Each member plans one event with the help of the committee and other ambassadors such as ME-in-a-box. Each student gets his or her own box with materials inside and must construct a product, like a rubber band car.

Broadening Students Exposure to ME Industry Company Relations


Company Relations Committee
The role of the Company Relations Committee is to liaison with companies interested in meeting with Purdue ME students and organize events to provide face-time with industry speakers.

Developing underclassmen mechanical aptitude and interest in ME How Stuff Works


How Stuff Works Teachers
Members of this committee are responsible for teaching the ME class, How Stuff Works (ME 199). This class is designed for underclassmen to gain hands-on experience and develop their mechanical aptitude by studying the basic engineering principles behind common everyday objects.


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