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Fall 2012 Events

Malott Lobby Dedication
Dec. 6th 3:00 - 6:00 PM Potter Atrium (Malott Lobby)
Dedication ceremony celebrating the new facility

Spring 2013 Events

PPA is excited to start its activities for the Spring 2013 semester!
Is Co-Op For Me? Workshop
Jan. 7-8 7:00 PM ARMS 1010
Introductory information session
Co-op representatives will answer questions

All-Major Co-op Callout Meeting (5 session)
Jan. 9th 7:00 PM Loeb Playhouse
Advisors from each major will present

All-Major Co-op Callout Meeting (3 session)
Jan. 10th 7:00 PM EE 129
Advisors from each major will present

Resume Workshop for Co-Op Applicants
Jan. 16th 7:00 PM FRNY G140
Co-Op Students and CCO Representatives will present

Interview Workshop for Co-Op Applicants
Feb. 4th 7:00 PM FRNY G140
Co-Op Students and CCO Representatives will present

Professional Practice Career Fair
Feb. 11th 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM PMU North Ballroom
This event provides an opportunity for students to meet
company representatives and obtain interviews

Co-Op Days
Feb. 12-13 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM PMU Ballrooms (N and S)
Co-Op position interviews

PPIAC meeting
Feb 11th from 3:30-6:30
Will include subgroup presentations
Discussion topics: co-op fee vs. work session credit

Co-op Videos
Create videos about different aspects of Co-op to be put up on the web
Best video wins a prize!

Creation of a PPA Banner
PPA needs a banner or tablecloth to display during events
Members can create and vote for designs
contact Candace Corso for more info

Feb 24th, 12-3pm in ARMS atrium
"Minute to Win It" - Come learn about PPA while having fun
Prizes will be awarded!!

Mentor & Mentee Program
1st or 2nd week in April
Workshop on interviews and resumes
Current PPA members will act as mentors for prospective co-ops in the same major

Responsibilities of Executive Officers

Executive Officers
A.It is the responsibility of the Executive Officers to develop recommendations for amendments to the PPPA Constitution and Bylaws to better define the roles of the officers and to optimize the operations of the organization. Executive Officers shall also have their specific responsibilities outlined in the constitution and bylaws.
B.It is the responsibility of the Executive Officers to create and dissolve all standing and ad-hoc committees, to appoint and remove Directors of standing and ad-hoc committees, and to schedule and prepare general meetings.
C.The Executive Officers are accountable to all members of PPPA as defined by the constitution and bylaws.
D.One person shall not hold the same office for more than two consecutive semesters.

The President shall have the following responsibilities:
A.To stay abreast of all Executive Committee business and keep the Executive Committee and Directors acting in accordance with the purpose as stated in the constitution and duties defined in the bylaws.
B.To act as a coordinator of responsibilities, duties, and activities of the Executive Committee.
C.To preside at PPPA meetings.
D.To serve as an ex-officio member of all committees.
E.To act as the official spokesperson of the PPPA.

The Secretary shall have the following responsibilities:
A.To record minutes of PPPA meetings and make them available to PPPA members and the Office of Professional Practice.
B.To maintain PPPA correspondence.
C.To make sure pictures are taken at all events.
D.To take attendance at each meeting and report that to the Office of Professional Practice.
E.To order Shirts and name tags for all new members.

The Treasurer shall have the following responsibilities:
A.To maintain accounts, to deposit funds and to make expenditures in a manner approved by the Fiscal Administrator of the Business Office of Student Organizations.
B.To keep accurate and timely records of all money in the PPPA accounts.
C.To work with the Executive Committee in preparing a projected budget for the upcoming term within two weeks of the beginning of the new term.
D.To produce a permanent budget by the second general PPPA meeting.
E.To report all expenditures to the Executive Committee on a monthly basis at a minimum.
F.To draft a funding proposal to Office of Professional Practice at the beginning of each fall semester for annual expenditure

Responsibilities of Members

PPA Membership is contingent upon attendance of 50% of monthly meetings and/or participation in 2 events or a subcommittee.