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Before attempting to use the Housing Databse, you must first log in using the link above.

PPA Housing Database

The PPA Housing Database is a website designed to assist students in the finding and filling of available subleases. The database is open for use by all students and faculty of Purdue University and allows all users to post or find an available sublease anywhere in the United States. The database operation is designed to be as safe and secure as possible by not publishing any of your personal information. The instructions below explain how you can utilize the features of the database.

In order to correctly use this site, please make sure you have Cookies and JavaScript enabled. This site is also best used with a browser like Firefox or Google Chrome.

Before using this site, please make sure you agree with our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy (below). By using this website, you are agreeing to comply with all of the Terms of Use.

Viewing Available Listings

To begin browsing the listings posted by other users, click on the All Listings link on the right hand menu. This will take you to the page where you can browse the listings currently in the database.

The bottom half of this page contains a table that initially contains all of the listings sorted initially by price. The table can easily be resorted by cost, apartment complex, location, semester offered, or the gender desired by the poster by clicking any of the column headers. The table can be sorted by any column in either ascending or descending order. Please note, Apartment Complex names are currently only available for most apartments in West Lafayette, IN.

To narrow down the results shown in the table, there are search features located at the top of the page. Results can be filtered by Location, Semester Offered, and Maximum Rent Per Month. Filling out this form and clicking Search will filter the results. When typing in a Location, a drop down menu will appear offering suggestions based on what is available in the database. All entries to the Location search field must match the format of what is shown on the table. That is, the City name, followed by a comma and a space, followed by the two letter state abbreviation. To return all of the listings in a particular state, begin by typing a comma then a space followed by the two letter state abbreviation. For example, to search for all listings in Indiana, type, , IN.

To get more information on a particular listing, hold your mouse over or click the MORE INFORMATION link that appears in the far right column of the table. This will bring up a balloon containing more information about the posting. This balloon will show the address of the residence, a short description of the residence provided by the poster, and a few relevant links for that listing. Finally, there is a button that will allow you to contact the poster of the listing. Please note that you will not be able to see the poster's email address, but if you send them an email, they will have your email address to respond to.

All final agreements regarding the sublease agreements must be handled privately between the sublessor and the sublessee.

Posting Your Own Listing

All Purdue faculty and students are allowed to post their own listings on the database. Currently, to prevent spam, each user is limited to two active listings at a time. We ask that you do not double post availability for the same sublease spot and that you do not post listings for other people. To post your own subleases, click the link title My Listings on the right hand side menu. This will direct you to the form that allows you to make your own listings.

In the Create New Listing form, every field is required to create a new posting. Most apartment complexes within West Lafayette, IN are listed in the drop down menu for Location. Selecting one of the items from the Location drop down menu will automatically fill in the Address, City, and State fields. To post an available sublease that is not included in the drop down menu, select Other and manually enter the Address, City, and State information. The Willing to Rotate feature is primarily for professional practice students that are looking for other professional practice students to trade off leases with from semester to semester. If this does not apply to you, do not check this box. A short description of the available sublease is also required. If there is a subleasing fee for the residence, information about it should be included in here. Other good information to put here would be the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, information about the other residents, etc. Finally, you must select and expiration date for your listing. This is the last day that your listing will appear in the database if it has not already been manually removed. Once the entire form has been filled out, pressing the Submit button will store the information on the server. Please note, your Purdue login name is also stored in the database.

After a listing has been submitted to the database, it will appear beneath the Create New Listing form. Here, you will be able to alter or update any of the information in post or delete it entirely. Please do your best to keep all of the information in your listing current and up-to-date which includes removing it once the sublease position has been filled.

Bookmarking a Listing

This feature is currently unavailable for use. In the future, users will have the ability to bookmark listings and compare them side by side to help ease the process of finding a sublease.

Terms of Use

Date of last revision: Wednesday, January 6, 2010

This is a statement of the terms and conditions that the user is subjected to while using the Purdue Professional Practice Ambassador's (PPA) Housing Database Website (this website). These terms are designed to parallel the ethics and rules set forth by Purdue University. By using any of the features on this website, you (the user) agree to abide by these Terms of Use.

1. You agree not to make any attempt to use this website for personal profit. This includes, but is not necessarily limited to, using this website for advertising a business, website, or service or attempting to use the features of this website to sell a product.

2. You agree that you will not post a listing for the same sublet more than once. Each user is entitled to two database listings, but they are not to be used to advertise the same sublet opportunity. The two listings can be used to advertise one residence for two different semesters or to advertise two different sublets at different places of residence.

3. You agree to remove old listings in a timely manner once the sublet position has been filled. This can be either by deleting them or manually expiring them.

4. You agree that by listing you sublet, you are the primary person in charge of the the share of the lease that you are advertising for sublet. i.e. You are the person on the original lease. Advertising a sublet via proxy is not permitted.

5. PPA, the Office of Professional Practice, and Purdue University shall hold no responsibility over the accuracy and validity of the information available on this website and shall not be responsible for personal losses due to errors in the information; typographical or otherwise.

6. You agree to post only information that is correct to the best of your knowledge. This includes updating information should a change be necessary. You shall make no attempt to lie to or otherwise deceive other users of this service.

7. You agree to refrain from using language considered offensive to others. This includes, but is not limited to, "foul" language, racial slurs, and inappropriate references to sexual orientation and gender.

8. You agree to make no attempt to circumvent the security policies and conditions set forth by this website. This includes but is not limited to attempting to gain unauthorized access to the personal information of other users and attempting to post a sublet listing without supplying all of the required information.

9. You understand that responses to your sublet listing will be sent to your Purdue e-mail address and agree to make a due effort to check your Purdue e-mail for parties interested in subletting.

10. You agree that you will make no effort to attempt to use the services provided by this website to break any applicable laws or regulations. This includes, but is not limited to, local government laws, state laws, federal laws, Purdue regulations, and any other regulations set forth by the property owner from which you are leasing.

Violation of these Terms of Service could result in (1) removal of the listing found to be in violation, (2) issuing of a warning to the party found to be in violation, (3) a permanent ban of services to the party found to be in violation, or (4) referral to Purdue University or other necessary authorities.

To report a user in violation of these Terms of Use, please contact the webmaster. There is a link on the right side of the footer of this website.

These Terms of Use are subject to change at any time without notice.

Privacy Policy

Date of last revision: Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The following is a statement of the rights of the user's of this website. This includes the measures put in place to ensure anonymity of the users of this website as well as the measures put in place to secure the transfer of personal information.

1. No password information is stored on either the user's computer or the server at any point in the session. Log in information is handled by ITap's (Information Technology at Purdue) TLT Login system powered by htaccess. This ensures that (1) your username and password are transferred securely with 128-bit encryption and (2) the PPA website never gains any access to your password at any time. The only information sent to the PPA website is your login name.

2. Your user name is encrypted and stored on your machine in a cookie. Logging out from the website and exiting your browser will clear all personal information stored on your computer. If you are using a public terminal, it is highly recommended that you both log out on the website and close the browser when you are finished. Because of the nature of the TLT Login system, the only way to fully log out is to close the browser.

3. The only private information stored by this website is anything that is published in a listing and the associated user name of the poster. The only time that any user information is stored is when creating a listing. This website will never store you IP Address or any other identifying information. Listings can be removed from public view, but please note, that even deleting a listing will not directly remove it from the database, but rather hide it from view for all users. Deleting a listing is more comparable to moving a file on your computer to the recycling bin.

4. When creating a new listing in the database, only the information that you fill out in the form will be made available to other users of the website. Your personal contact information is kept hidden from other users. This is an attempt to both keep you identity anonymous and to prevent users of this website from being victims of spam.

5. When contacting the poster of a sublease, you are acknowledging that they will be provided with your Purdue e-mail address. The poster will then respond directly to your email instead of continuing to operate through this website. Contacting a listing poster to show interest is the only time that any of your personal information is shared and that is strictly limited to your email address.

6. Any information available on the Housing Database is only viewable by logged in users with active Purdue user names. This means that any information that you post will be viewable by all and only Purdue faculty and students.

7. PPA promises to not make any effort to use your information in any manor that could be perceived as deceptive of dishonest. This includes, but is not necessarily limited to, selling information to advertising agencies, tracking user history, or mining for additional user information. Neither PPA nor the Office of Professional Practice will ever ask for your Purdue Career Account password.

Both safety and privacy are taken very seriously by PPA and we will make every effort not to jeopardize either for our users. If you have a privacy concern regarding this website, please email the webmaster. There is a link on the right side of the footer of this page.