PRSA Past Activities

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2010 Activities ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

International Food Bazaar

May 15, 2010

PRSA had a booth at the International Food Bazaar where they had traditional Puerto Rican food.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2005-2008 Activities ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Cook-Out & Volleyball Day @ Pickett Park

September 20, 2008

PRSA celebrated their traditional fall cook-out and volleyball day at the Picket Park. Around 25 people showed and had fun playing volleyball and dominoes. For more pictures visit our Facebook page!

Bowling Night @ Rack & Roll, PMU

September 12, 2008

PRSA celebrated their traditional bowling night in which around 40 people participated. We had a blast there! For more pictures visit our Facebook page!

LCC Opening @ LCC Building

September 12, 2008

PRSA participated at the LCC Opening presenting information about our events

PRSA Call-Out & Elections @ WTHR172

September 11, 2008

PRSA celebrated their call-out and did their elections for the New Board of Directors. Meet you new E-board below.

Bomba Café @ La Posada PMU

March 28, 2008

PRSA celebrated their traditional Bomba Café at La Posada, PMU. This year the theme was about Bomba & Plena, rythms that derived from African slaves descendents in Puerto Rico. Grupo Bembé did a workshop about the history of both rythms and then entertained the audience with two performances. As part on the intermision we did an Open-Mic Poertry in which Melissa Fontańez performed one of her poems. People had a blast learning how to dance Bomba & Plena and performing poetry at the stage. Around ~90 people showed up to this event. Enjoy some pictures of the event below.

Bowling Night @ PMU

January 11, 2008

PRSA celebrated a Bowling Night at PMU we had around 40 people that showed up to this event.

Noche Caliente 2 @ Parthenon Restaurant

December 1, 2007

PRSA celebrated the Noche Caliente 2 Party. We had a blast!!! The Parthenon was completely full to the point that it was needed to close the doors at 12:30AM. We estimated around 340 people attended to this event. If you were absent sorry for you, you missed it. But don't worry DJ Schmoo is planning another one for this coming year.

Boricuas Softball Team WON

TWO Championships in a row,

October, 2007

Boricuas Softball team won two back-to-back championships during this semester. This team played in the Purdue Intramurals Friday Night League (Co-Ed Team) and it was unbeated until the last day of the tournament. In addition, Boricuas won for second semester in a row the Sunday Softball League organized by PRSA President, Kermin J. Martinez. Congratulations to the BORICUAS Team, WE ROCKS!!!! Thanks to all the players that participated. Back: left to right, Susane, Whitney, Jon, Kermin (Coach), Carlos, Kimmy, Roshand, Edwin. Front: Héctor, Ángel (Assitant Coach) and Rebecca. Not in photo: Liz, Jonathan, and Matt.

Season of Sharing with Boiler Volunteer Network - December 12, 2005

PRSA members donated gifts for low-income children and families in our community.

Fall Harvest Food Drive with Boiler Volunteer Network - November 15, 2005

PRSA members donated food for less fortunate people in our community.

Global Fusion Fest - October 22, 2005

Left. We participated in the Global Fusion Fest in which we had a booth for publicity. Right. PRSA members prepared homemade traditional Puertorican candies and cookies for the Global Fusion Fest.

Plena Libre Concert - September 23, 2005

Left. Pablo & Kermin opened the concert with a dialogue about the history and meaning of Plena. Right. Plena Libre started with the Concert. We had a blast dancing the whole night.

Pre-Plena Libre Concert Party - September 21, 2005

We celebrated a welcome party with Plena Libre members before the concert. Left. PRSA & Plena Libre members having fun and dancing. Right. Nahyr & Kermin with Gary & Valerie (Plena Libre Managers).

Sunday Softball League @ Black Fields - September 11 - October 30, 2005

PRSA created the first Sunday Softball League in which seven teams participated. In the picture, players and fans were sharing throughout the game.

Diabetes Screening Sponsor @ Latino Festival - Frankfort September 10, 2005

We sponsored a free diabetes screening with Arnett Clinic on the Latino Festival at Frankfort, IN. The Latino Student Union (LSU) members helped us. We made around 300 of blood and cholesterol samples to the public.

Fall Call-Out @ WTHR 200 - September 7, 2005

We celebrated our fall 2005 Call-Out. It was a complete success around 65 new possible members showed up to this event.

LCC Retreat @ Boiler Chalenge & RAWLS - August 27, 2005

PRSA members went to a leadership retreat, in which we shared with other Latino organizations such as LSU, SHEP, among others. We learned and practiced different skills to be a good leader. We discussed topics about power, effective communication, decisions, problem solving, group work, member participation, and how to work for a common final objective.

Support to PR Baseball Team @ CWS - August 3-10, 2005

PRSA members (aka Boriplena) went to the baseball Colt World Series (CWS) in which a team from Caguas came to play in Loeb Stadium, Lafayette. We supported them with our "panderos" (hand drums) and cow bell. The PR team finished sub-champions for the fourth year in a row. Good job guys!!!!

Support Undergraduates that came to work at Purdue during Summer (aka Joseph & Luis)

We shared with Joseph (left) and Luis (right) on different activities (dinner and/or breakfast). Luis was a member of the Boricuas Softball Team throughout the summer.

Alberto's Good-bye & Softball Game July 20, 2005

Members and family celebrated a good-bye to Alberto. Alberto got his PhD in Civil Engineering and went back to UPR-Mayagüez Campus to start working as a professor. He was the first base of the Boricuas Softball Team. Good luck Alberto in Puerto Rico!!!! We miss u :-(

Cook-Out/Family Day, May 18 th, 2005 @ Happy Hollow ParK

Members and family celebrated a Cook-out Day on the Happy Hollow Park. We had a blast cooking, eating (Uhmmm), and playing volleyball.

Bomba Café, February 10th, 2005 @ PMU

Members of the Puerto Rican Student Association created Bori-Plena group. Bori-Plena is a group that plays Bomba and Plena (Afro-Caribean rhythms) using the "panderos". That was the first appearance of this group and was a complete success. Everyone was dancing as the rhythm of bomba and plena. Bori-Plena is available for special events. For contract contact PRSA directors.

From left to right with panderos: José Flores, Pablo Llerandi, Luis Gaztambide, Ángel Martínez, Kermin Martínez, and José O. Negrón.

PRSA Call-Out, February 17th, 2005 @ PMU

The PRSA celebrated the Spring 2005 call out. The board of directors discussed the up-coming events and introduced the association to the audience.

José Flores (Public Relations Officer) spoke to the call out audience.