2013 - 2014 Lecture Schedule

Topics and professors subject to change.


September 3 - Sports Medicine

Mr. Douglas Boersma, Dr. Larry Leverenz, Mr. Duane Carlisle

Innovation in Sports Medicine


September 17th - Discovery of Distant Quasar: First Evidence Uncovered

Dr. Matthew Lister


October 1st Member Social!


October 15th - Tickling Molecules with Lasers: Applications to Molecular Folding, Planetary Atmospheres, and Combustion Processes

Dr. Timothy Zwier



October 29th - Applications in Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Julie Liu


November 12th - Evolving Role of Zoos in Society


January 30th - Living a Meaningful Life as a Geek

Prof. James Jacob


January 30th - Unsteady Aerodynamics of Gas Turbines

Dr. Fleeter


January 30th - Flying Through Life!


Keri Wright