Welcome to Purdue Student Pugwash! You are now part of a worldwide organization that seeks to ensure social and ethical responsibility in science and technology and to confront humanity’s many challenges with objective critical thinking and scientific ingenuity. Our organization has a long and distinguished history and owes its existence to the efforts of intellectual giants including Albert Einstein, Bertrand Russell, and Linus Pauling.


Purdue Student Pugwash creates an incredible environment for feeding intellectual curiosity, for engaging in critical discussion of issues that matter, and for bringing together ideas from all disciplines and backgrounds. Our organization is driven and directed by its members, and we invite you to consider joining the Executive Board to help shape the Purdue Student Pugwash of the future. Meetings are held weekly at 6:00 pm Thursday nights in STEW 2B.

Feel free to attend the meetings; any Pugwash member can become a board member. We truly hope that you will take advantage of the many opportunities our organization has to offer you and that you will leave your mark on our efforts to further socially responsible science and technology at Purdue and throughout the world.