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The Itineraries of Leicester's Men

This itinerary draws upon the collaborative research of the many editors associated with the Records of Early English Drama project.  Without their commitment and generosity, it would not have been possible at this time to assemble the details which follow.  Their individual collections are listed below, together with the documentary sources, many of which I have had access to in reproduced form at the REED office in Toronto.  In instances where REED research is not yet under way, I have consulted original manuscripts in key locations.

The dates in the date column are as precise as possible, representing the date or approximate period of payment within the accounting year of the MS.  Where no date is given, the usual civic accounting year of Michaelmas to Michaelmas should be assumed.  Alternative account years are provided in square brackets (eg,  Lydd, [22 July-21 July]).  Wherever possible, I have attempted to narrow the date range of payment within the accounting year by consulting the MS reproductions available to me.

REED Volumes

Bristol, ed. Mark C. Pilkinton, (Toronto, 1997)
Cambridge, ed. Alan H. Nelson, 2 vols (Toronto, 1988)
Chester, ed. Lawrence M. Clopper (Toronto, 1979)
Coventry, ed. R.W. Ingram (Toronto, 1981)
Cumberland/Westmorland/Gloucestershire, ed. Audrey Douglas and Peter Greenfield (Toronto, 1986)
Devon , ed. John M. Wasson (Toronto, 1986)
Dorset/Cornwall, ed. Rosalind Conklin Hays and C. E. McGee/Sally L. Joyce and Evelyn S. Newlyn (Toronto, 1999)
Herefordshire/Worcestershire, ed. David N. Klausner (Toronto, 1990)
Kent: Diocese of Canterbury, ed. James M. Gibson, 3 vols (Toronto, forthcoming 2002)
Lancashire, ed. David George (Toronto, 1991)
Newcastle upon Tyne, ed. J. J. Anderson (Toronto, 1982)
Norwich 1540-1642, ed. David Galloway (Toronto, 1984)
Shropshire, ed. J.A.B. Somerset, 2 vols (Toronto, 1994)
Somerset including Bath, ed. James Stokes with Robert J. Alexander, 2 vols (Toronto, 1996)
Sussex, ed. Cameron Louis (Toronto, 2000)
York, ed. Alexandra F. Johnston and Margaret Rogerson, 2 vols (Toronto, 1979)

Reed Collections in Progress

Abingdon Chamberlains' Accounts, Berkshire Record Office: A/FAc 1, extracts forthcoming in Berkshire, ed. Alexandra F. Johnston

Bertie of Grimsthorpe, Lincolnshire Archives: ANC 7/A/2; extracts forthcoming in Lincolnshire, ed. James Stokes

Beverley Governors' Minute Book, East Riding of Yorkshire Archive Office: II/7/3, extracts forthcoming in Beverley, ed. Diana Wyatt

Constable of Everingham and Drax Household Accounts, West Riding of Yorkshire Archive Service, Leeds: Ingilby 3272, extracts forthcoming in Yorkshire West Riding, ed. Barbara D. Palmer and John M. Wasson

Doncaster Courtiers' Book I, Doncaster Record Office: AB.2/1/1, extracts forthcoming in Yorkshire West Riding, ed. Barbara D. Palmer and John M. Wasson

Durham Cathedral Treasurers' Book 12, Prior's Kitchen; extracts forthcoming in Durham, ed. John McKinnell

Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire Record Office: 1/600/1; extracts forthcoming in Lincolnshire, ed. James Stokes

Leicester Chamberlains' Accounts, Leicestershire Record Office: BRIII/2/31, 38, 39, 41, 52, 54; extracts forthcoming in Leicestershire, ed. Alice B. Hamilton

Lincoln Chamberlains' Accounts, Lincolnshire Archives: D/V/2/2b, Bj/3/8 and Bj/3/6; extracts forthcoming in Lincolnshire, ed. James Stokes

Long Sutton Churchwardens' Accounts, Lincolnshire Archives: Long Sutton Parish 7/1; extracts forthcoming in Lincolnshire, ed. James Stokes

North of Kirtling Household Accounts, BL: Stowe 774, vols 1, 2; extracts forthcoming in Cambridgeshire, ed. Anne Brannen

Nottingham Chamberlains' Accounts, Nottinghamshire Record Office: CA 1610b, 1611, 1612, 1613, 1626, 1627; extracts forthcoming in Nottinghamshire, ed. J. C. Coldewey

Oxford Chamberlains' Accounts, Oxfordshire Archives: P.5.1, extracts forthcoming in Oxford, ed. Alexandra F. Johnston and Diana Wyatt

Oxford University:  Vice-chancellor's Accounts, Oxford University Archives: W.P. [beta]  21 (4); Magdalen College Draft Computi, Magdalen College Archives, extracts forthcoming in Oxford University, ed. John M. Elliott Jr. and Alan H. Nelson

Reading Cofferers' Accounts, Berkshire Record Office: R/FCa 2/75, extracts forthcoming in Berkshire, ed. Alexandra F. Johnston

Salisbury Corporation Ledger Book B, Wiltshire Record Office: G23/1/2; extracts forthcoming in Salisbury, ed. Audrey Douglas

Southampton Book of Fines, Southampton Record Office: SC5/3/1, extracts forthcoming in Hampshire, ed. Peter Greenfield and Jane Cowling

Stratford upon Avon Council Book A,  Shakespeare Birthplace Trust Records Office: BRU 2/1, extracts forthcoming in Warwickshire, ed. J.A.B. Somerset

Winchester Chamberlains' Accounts, Hampshire Record Office: W/E6/1, extracts forthcoming in Hampshire, ed. Peter Greenfield and Jane Cowling

Other Published Sources

Astington, John H. English Court Theatre 1558-1642 (Cambridge , 1999), 221-32.

Chambers, E.C. (ed), 'Players at Ipswich,' Collections, II, Part 3, Malone Society (Oxford, 1931), 258-84.

Coldewey, J.C. (ed), 'Playing Companies at Aldeburgh 1566-1635,' Collections, IX, Malone Society (Oxford, 1977), 16-23.

Cook, David and F.P. Wilson (ed), Collections, VI, Malone Society (Oxford, 1962).

Galloway, David and John M. Wasson (ed), Collections, XI, Malone Society (Oxford, 1980/1).

Additional Original And Antiquarian Sources

Robert Dudley's Household Accounts, Longleat House: Dudley Papers XIV, XV; Christ Church Archives: Evelyn MS. 258b

Maldon Chamberlains' Accounts, Essex Record Office: D/B3/3/248, 250, 251, 252, 259, 262

Marlborough Chamberlains' Accounts, Wiltshire Record Office: G22/1/205/2

Saffron Walden Chamberlains’ Accounts, Saffron Walden Town Hall

St James?Household[26 March-23 April]20s[1]
Kew?Household[23 April- mid-May]40s
KewHouseholdc. 6 June4s
KewHousehold[before 21 June]£4
NorwichCityafter mid-June[3]20s
NottinghamTownsummer13s 4d
Yorkshire? after mid-June 
MaldonTown[1559]6s 8d
Saffron WaldenTown 3s 4d
CanterburyCity 6s 8d
Dover Town26 March10s
LyddTown[22 July '59 -22 July '60]6s 8d
RyeTown30/31 March?10s
OxfordCity 6s 8d+ 6s 4d[4]
BristolCity14-20 July10s
BridgwaterTown20 July13s 4d
DartmouthTown 13s 4d
PlymouthTown 20s
GloucesterCity 6s 8d
CambridgeTown[before 1 Nov.]10s
NorwichCity 20s
WhitehallCourtChristmas£6 13s 4d
CanterburyCity17 March7s
RyeTown22 March20s[5]
DoverTown29 March10s
New RomneyTown[25 March '61-25 March '62]6d [drink]
LyddTown[ 22 July '60 - 22 July '61 ]13s 4d
BeverleyTown[1561]26s 8d
SouthamptonCity4 Oct.13s 4d
GrimsthorpeBertie Household18 Oct. [did not play]10s
WhitehallCourtChristmas£6 13s 4d
IpswichTown[before 28 May?]10s
CambridgeTown18 March10s
CanterburyCity5 May10s
DoverTown27 June10s
LyddTown[ 22 July '61 - 22 July '62 ]11s
OxfordCity[after 9 June]6s 8d
BristolCity30 Aug.-5 Sept.13s 4d
GloucesterCity 13s 4d + 4s 8d[6]
WhitehallCourtChristmas£6 13s 4d
LincolnCity[after 24 April]10s
IpswichTown[after 28 May]6s
NorwichCity 26s 8d
LeicesterTown12 Nov.6s+
NorwichCity 26s 8d
NorwichCathedral 6s
[as Dudley 's]
IpswichTown18 Nov.10s
[as Dudley's]
6s 8d
IpswichTown2 Jan.6s 8d
IpswichTown3 Jan.20d
Hengrave HallKytson Household30 Jan.10s
DoverTown22 April10s
CanterburyCity 10s
LyddTown[ 22 July '63 - 22 July '64 ]15s
RyeTown27 April6s 8d
LeicesterTown1 July10s
MaldonTown[as Leicester 's]6s 8d[7]
IpswichTown21 Feb. [as Ld Robert's]10s
LincolnCity13 April [as Leicester’s]10s
CambridgeTown[as Leicester's]10s
NorwichCity[as Leicester's]
[includes bread & drink]
20s 6d
NorwichCity 20s
Long SuttonTown[21 April '65-20 April '66]2s+
CanterburyCity 10s
NottinghamTown11 August20s[8]
GloucesterCity 13s 4d
BristolCity22-8 Jan.13s 4d
CanterburyCity 13s 4d
FavershamTown 3s 4d
DoverTown[17 Sept.-8 Sept.]13s 4d+12d  [wine]
New RomneyTown7 April6s 8d
LyddTown[ 22 July '69 - 22 July '70 ]8s 10d
Lyme RegisTown[25 March-23 June]8s 11d
OxfordCity4 May6s 8d
AbingdonTown[Lent-24 June]10s 3d
SouthamptonCity 6s 8d[9]
PooleTown11 July6s
PlymouthTown  20s
DartmouthTown30 July£1
TotnesTown 20s
BarnstapleTown 12d
IpswichTown25 Oct.13s 4d
Maidstone?Town[ 2 Nov. '70 - 2 Nov. '71 ]10s
GloucesterCity30 April13s 4d+ 3s 8d [at the tavern]
LeicesterTown 8s 6d+
6-7 June 
Saffron WaldenTown 8s 8d[11]
Saffron WaldenTown19 Aug.2s 6d
Maidstone?Town[ 2 Nov. '70 - 2 Nov. '71 ]10s
LondonCity6 Dec. 
IpswichTown15 July13s 4d
CambridgeTown 10s
GrimsbyTown6 Aug.10s[12]
BeverleyTown8 Aug.30s+
2s 9d [wine,etc.]
Nottingham Town20 Aug.10s
LeicesterTown[after 24 June?]8s
Hampton CourtCourtChristmas£30
StratfordTown 5s 8d
LudlowTown20 Oct.20s
BewdleyTown[3 May '73-23 May '74]8s
BristolCity25-31 Oct.20s
Lyme RegisTown[29 Sept.-24 Dec.]2s 8d
OxfordCity 13s 1d
WhitehallCourt26 Dec. Predor and Lucia 
28 Dec. Mamillia
Hampton CourtCourt21 Feb. Philemon and Philecia£10
MaldonTown13 June5s
IpswichTown18 June15s
AldeburghTown20 June10s
Hengrave HallKytson  
HouseholdJuly 5s
DoncasterTown[after 2 Aug.]20s
NottinghamTown1 Sept.20s
LeicesterTown[after 11 Aug.]11s 8d+
CanterburyCity3 Dec.18s
CanterburyCathedral7 Dec.20s
Hampton CourtCourt26 Dec.
1 Jan. Panecia (?) 
£6 1s 4d

CoventryCity[Dec.’74-28 Nov.’75]26s 8d
SouthamptonCity 20s
RyeTown21 Sept.10s
SandwichTown26 Sept.10s
OxfordMagdalen Coll.[29 Sept.-25 Dec.]20s
New RomneyTown26 Dec.10s
Hampton CourtCourt28 Dec.£10
WhitehallCourt4 March£10
ThetfordTown[17 June-8 July]5s
IpswichTown[after 17 July]10s
Hampton CourtCourt30 Dec.
The Collier
£16 13s 4d
StratfordTown 15s
ExeterCity 13s 4d
CanterburyCity 20s
CanterburyCathedral 40s
FavershamTown 13s 4d
SandwichTown24 August20s
New RomneyTown[25 March '77-25 March '78]20s
SouthamptonCity22 Sept.20s
ExeterCity11 Oct.30s
Lyme RegisTown17 Oct.7s
BristolCity20-6 Oct. Myngo22s
BathCity[6 June '77-30 June '78]14s
Hampton CourtCourt26 Dec.£10
MaldonTown1 Sept.10s
IpswichTown10 Sept.20s
AldeburghTownc. 29 Sept.20s
NorwichCathedral 20s
KirtlingNorth Household3-4 Nov.40s
KirtlingNorth Household10 Nov.40s
LondonCity24 Dec.
RichmondCourt4 Jan. A Greek Maid£10
SouthamptonCity7 Aug.2s
CanterburyCathedral 30s
DoverTown[8 Sept.-8 Sept.]5s
AldeburghTownc. 3 Sept.3s[13]
WhitehallCourt6 Jan.£10
CanterburyCity 20s
FavershamTown 10s
FordwichTown[ 7 Dec. '79 - 5 Dec. '80 ]5s
New RomneyTown13 March20s
Household 16-17 May25s
IpswichTown £1
CambridgeUniv.[before 21 June][14] 
DurhamCathedral28 July26s 8d
NewcastleCity7-13 Aug.50s
CoventryCity[ 26 Nov.'79 - 22 Nov.'80 ]30s
WhitehallCourt26 Dec. Delight£10
WhitehallCourt7 Feb.£10
FordwichTown[5 Dec.-4 Dec.]7s
NorwichCity[after mid-May?]40s
ShrewsburyTown 6s 8d
CoventryCity[ 16 Nov.’81 - 13 Nov.’82 ]20s
SalisburyCity 10s
WinchesterCity 10s
SouthamptonCity[1582]13s 4d
IpswichTown[after 3 Aug.]20s
RichmondCourt10 Feb. Telomo£10
Leicester HouseHousehold5 May£5
Leicester HouseHousehold
[Will Kemp]
5 May?10s
Leicester HouseHousehold23 May40s
SudburyTown2 June6s 8d
IpswichTown4 June20s
NorwichCity[after mid-May?]
[not to play]
Household 5-6 July10s
LeicesterTown[after 10 June]24s+
CoventryCity[ 25 Nov.’84 - 30 Nov.’85 ]30s
GloucesterCity 20s
LondonCity4 Dec.£6
Low Countries mid-Dec. 
The HagueCity30 Dec.£10

The HagueCity1 Jan.
[return to England]
The HagueCity2 Jan.
[Will Kemp]
The HagueCity4 Jan. [Will Kemp]20s
The Hague?City4 March [Wilson][15]40s
ExeterCity24 March10s
AbingdonTown[before 24 June?]15s
UtrechtCity23 April
The Forces of Hercules
AmersfoortTown6 May
[Will Kemp]
ArnhemTown30 May
[ Thomas King, musician]
ArnhemTown30 May
Robert Brown, musician
[going to England]
ArnhemTown1 June
[going to king of Denmark's]
GorinchemTown12 June10s[16]
Denmark 17 June-18 Sept. [5 players] 
Denmark Aug.-Sept. [Will Kemp+ Daniel Jones, boy] 
Saxony 16 Oct.-17 July[5 players][17]
NorwichCity 40s
GreenwichCourt27 Dec.£10
MaidstoneTown23 Jan.6s 8d
CanterburyCity 10s
FordwichTown[5 Dec.-4 Dec.]6s 8d
RyeTown1 March10s
DoverTown4 March20s
Hythe?Town[2 Feb. '87-2 Feb. 88]10s
New RomneyTown[23 March-2 April ‘87]20s
SouthamptonCityc. 23 March30s
MarlboroughTown 5s
Lyme RegisTown4 April5s
BristolCity9-15 April26s 8d
BathCity[1April-14 June]23s 8 1/2d
ExeterCity 20s
GloucesterCity 20s
LeicesterTown[5 April-13 June]17s 4d+
NottinghamTown[18 June-1 July]
Lathom HouseDerby
6-8 July [2 performances] 
CoventryCity1 Aug.30s
StratfordTown[25 Dec.-24 Dec.]10s
OxfordUniv.[17 July '87- 16 July'88 ]20s
OxfordCity11 Dec.6s 8d
DoverTown3 Feb.13s 4d
New RomneyTown[19 Jan.- 7 Feb. '87/8]20s
RyeTown5 Feb.13s 4d
Hythe?Town[2 Feb. '87-2 Feb. '88]10s
FavershamTown 13s 4d
FolkestoneTown[8 Sept.-8 Sept.]5s
LyddTown[ 22 July '87 - 22 July '88 ]10s
ReadingTown[c.1-14 April]10s
Lyme RegisTown28 April
[as Lord High Steward]
PlymouthTown15 May10s
ExeterCity[as Lord Steward] 
BathCity[22 May-18 June]20s
BristolCity9-15 June26s 8d
GloucesterCity17 June20s
CoventryCity[ 15 Nov.’87 - 4 Dec.’88 ]40s
YorkCity13 July30s
NottinghamTown[30 April-17 July]10s
NorwichCityc. 4-7 Sept.40s
AldeburghTown[c. 13 Sept.]6s 8d
IpswichTown14 Sept.£1
Saffron WaldenTown 3s 4d[18]
HytheTown[2 Feb.'87-2 Feb.'88]10s

[1] A payment of 60s in the same period to the 'enterlude pleyers' (f 9) is more likely to another troupe, probably the Queen's interluders.

[2] The source of information here is the patron's letter to the earl of Shrewsbury (Lambeth Palace Library:  MS. 3196).

[3]   The date is determined by the fact that it occurred after Richard Fletcher took over as mayor in June 1559.

[4]  The additional payment was made at Mr Coggan's, presumably referring to the King’s Head Inn run by the Coggan family (see further M.G. Hobson and H.E. Salter (eds), Oxford Council Acts 1626-1665, Oxford Historical Society 95 [Oxford, 1933], xxiv.

[5] This payment is a composite, with the Queen's players.

[6] The additional perquisite payment at the tavern includes payment for making a scaffold in the Boothall (presumably for the performance); see Cumberland/Westmorland/Gloucestershire,p. 299.

[7] This entry comes near the start of the year's accounts.

[8] The troupe receives payment with Worcester's players.

[9] Although a first payment is not recorded, this is listed as the second, for a performance when  Sir Henry Wallop and his lady were there.

[10] There is no payment made but it is clear that there were eight players present at dinner on 6 June and at breakfast the following morning.  The 1570-1 family account combines entries for activities at both their estates, Drax in the West Riding and Everingham  in the East Riding of Yorkshire, both of which were near York.  The players may therefore have visited either residence.

[11] The payment is made with the Queen's players.

[12] The chamberlains also recorded an unspecified receipt of 5d from the mayor when Leicester ’s players were in town.

[13] The payment includes Lord Howard's players.

[14] The players were dismissed, apparently without payment this year, because of plague.  See Cambridge, vol. 1, pp. 290-1.

[15] Adams thinks this entry is misdated: see Household Accounts, p. 374, n. 739.

[16] The payment is to Will Kemp for costs for mending an ancient.

[17] The continental evidence for the players in Denmark and Saxony is cited by Albert Cohn, Shakespeare in Germany in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries (London, 1865), xxii-xxvii and Dr E. Herz, Englische Schauspieler und Englisches Schauspiel zur Zeit Shakespeares in Deutschland (Hamburg and Leipzig, 1903; Kraus reprint 1977), 3-5.

[18] The payment includes the Lord Chamberlain's men.