Funded Research Projects

Research Area 1: Difficult concepts in science and engineering

Collaborative Research: Getting Engineers to Think Across Disciplines (NSF-EEC 1129447). (Project Description).

Collaborative Research: Engineering Pathways Study: The College-Career Transition Informing Educational Practice (NSF-DUE 1022090). (Project Description).

Collaborative Research: Integrating Cognition and Measurement with Conceptual Knowledge: Establishing the Validity and Diagnostic Capacity of Concept Inventories (NSF-DLR 0918531). (Project Description).

Collaborative Research: Integrating Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment in Optical Engineering (NSF-DUE 0918531). (Project Description).

Developing Ontological Schema Training Methods to Help Students Develop Scientifically Accurate Mental Models of Engineering Concepts (NSF-EEC 0550169) (funding completed). (Project Description).

Center for the Advancement of Engineering Education (NSF-ESI 0227558) (funding completed).
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Developing an Outcomes Assessment Instrument for Identifying Engineering Student Misconceptions in Thermal and Transport Sciences (NSF-DUE 0127806) (funding completed).
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Research Area 2: Helping engineering faculty learn to conduct engineering education research

Collaborative Research: Expanding and sustaining research capacity in engineering and technology education: Building on successful programs for faculty and graduate students (NSF DUE 0817461). (Project Description).

Rigorous Research in Engineering Education: Creating a Community of Practice (NSF DUE-0341127) (funding completed).
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Strengthening HBCU Engineering Education Research Capacity (NSF HRD 0411994) (funding completed).
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