• Professor
  • Mechanical Engineering Technology
  • 121 Knoy Hall
  • Purdue University
  • West Lafayette IN 47907
  • guitar@purdue.edu



I was trained as an aerospace engineer and worked as a civilian aerospace engineer for the US Air Force for 10 years. Tiring of secure employment, I went to the auto industry where I worked as both an engineer and a lab manager before coming to Purdue in 2004. My primary fields of work were optimization, photomechanics, structural vibrations and acoustics. Now, I work mostly in structural mechanics and stringed instrument manufacturing.




Check out my YouTube Channel, Brain Waves

This channel is a growing collectio of short videos on specific problems in engineering, math and physics. At this writing, it has about 325 videos and more than 6.6 million hits. These range from an explanation of area moment of inertia to a supersonic ping pong gun.