visible implant elastomer Visible Implant Elastomer (VIE) is a silicon-based material that can be injected under the skin of target organisms, where it gradually hardens into a pliable solid. VIE tags form lasting identifying marks which fluoresce under black or purple light.

SalaMarker is a software package originally developed by Jami MacNeil, Guha Dharmarajan, and Rod Williams for use with Visible Implant Elastomers (VIEs). SalaMarker is a computer program that will generate lists of unique marks based on user parameters. The program prompts the user to enter parameters (number of body locations, number of tags, and number of colors) in a step-by step fashion. The program generates codes in a text (.txt) file that can be copied into Microsoft Excel or Word for use in the field or lab. The SalaMarker code generator can be downloaded for free at SalaMarker.

Help File

A help file is available to assist users in selecting appropriate parameters and program use. Contact Rod Williams for a copy.

Visible Implant Elastomer (VIE) Marking Code

A standardized alphanumeric marking system has been developed in conjunction with SalaMarker. This simple code nomenclature can be applied to any organism marked with VIEs. A description of the VIE coding scheme can be downloaded at MacNeil et al., 2011.

inspecting salamander visible implant elastomer